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[e-med] Mission d'expertise pour des francophones

(il faut comprendre l'anglais aussi, c'est pourquoi nous diffusons ce message 
en anglais. Bonne journée à tous

Short-term experts Procurement and Supply Management of
health commodities - French speaking experts especially welcome!

ResultsinHealth (RiH) is an international advisory agency, working in a variety 
of public health areas in developing and industrialised countries. Its mission 
is to improve the health of populations, and to strengthen access to essential 
health care. RiH has a strong focus on using evidence to develop practical and 
innovative solutions. For more information about RiH, please visit 

ResuiltsinHealth has major responsibilities for procurement and supply 
management (PSM) oversight in over 70 countries, through a collaborative 
agreement with PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, 
Tuberculosis and Malaria (the 'Global Fund'). Products procured under Global 
Fund grants include medicines, diagnostics, lab materials, medical equipment, 
and preventive materials such as long-lasting insecticide treated nets, 
condoms, and other.

To effectively handle these responsibilities, RiH is looking for independent 
experts who are well experienced in assessing systems to procure and manage 
health products, and who can produce high quality advice to the Global Fund. 
Assignments will be on a short-term basis.

Assessments relate to the full cycle of product selection, quantification of 
needs, procurement, quality assurance, storage, distribution, inventory 
management, and their appropriate use. Experts will assess and monitor PSM 
systems, with the aim of ensuring best practice and risk minimization for the 
Global Fund. Activities may involve onsite assessment visits, as well as desk 
reviews of PSM related planning and monitoring documentation. Requests come 
often at short notice, and responses must be swift. Onsite work typically 
requires 1-2 weeks visits, and reporting is generally required shortly 

Successful candidates have a university degree in pharmacy, in health, or in a 
related area, and several years of experience in international procurement and 
supply chain management of health products. Several years of hands-on 
experience is a non-negotiable requirement. Training in pharmaceutical 
procurement, international tendering, pharmaceutical supply chain management 
and/or project management are highly desirable, as is experience in the 
management and implementation of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and/or Tuberculosis control 
programmes in developing countries.

RiH experts have a strong commitment to health and development, and a special 
interest in issues related to public health. They have an open mindset, 
flexible attitudes, and an entrepreneurial approach. Strong interpersonal 
skills are indispensable, as are self-management skills and an ability to 
deliver in a timely fashion. They express themselves clearly and concisely, 
especially in written form.

Good verbal and written knowledge of English is a key requirement. All reports 
will have to be written in the English language. Whereas experts of all 
languages are warmly welcomed, those with French language skills are especially 
welcome. PSM experts who live in, or close to, Global Fund `high impact' 
countries (in particular in the African, Asian, Eastern European and Central 
Asian regions) will have an advantage.

RiH support
RiH works with a system of peer-review and discussion within the wider RiH 
team. Senior PSM experts coach new colleagues to strengthen their skills and 
experience. Deliverables are reviewed to ensure consistency with 
internationally accepted good practice, regulations and requirements. Given 
RiH's strong evidence-based approach, emphasis is placed on the promotion of 
objectively verifiable data and reference sources. All services are coordinated 
by RiH's central coordination team in Leiderdorp, The Netherlands.

Applications should be sent by email to 
Team.GF@resultsinhealth.org<mailto:Team.GF@resultsinhealth.org>. Please include 
the following information:
  - Curriculum Vitae
  - Short letter of presentation (½ - 1 page), describing your
    abilities to meet the essential requirements
  - Names and contact details of a minimum of 2 references

RiH is known for establishing long-term win-win collaborations with independent 
experts, and we look forward to receiving new colleagues in our expanding team 
of short-term collaborators.

Should you know of colleagues who are interested to hear of our call for 
short-term experts, please feel free to share this alert.

Hilbrand Haak
Zijlbaan 46
2352 BN Leiderdorp
The Netherlands
T +31 71 760 1200
F +31 71 523 3592
E haakh@resultsinhealth.org<mailto:haakh@resultsinhealth.org>
W www.resultsinhealth.org

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