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[e-med] Poste à pourvoir pour l'OMS à Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

(date limite pour répondre: 28 September 2015)

Title: WHO procurement expert for laboratory reagents and chemicals
Report to: Procurement Officer, DBP, WHO GSC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Duration: 45 working days ( starting 1st October and ending 31st Dec 2015)
Type of contract: WHO Short Term Consultant
Location: Remote based potentially with some travel to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

1.       Introduction
As part of its work, the World Health Organization (WHO) undertakes a variety 
of disease eradication projects and elimination and control programs. Such 
projects include eradication of Polio, Rotavirus or Measles and Rubella. WHO is 
procuring  equipment, laboratory reagents and supplies for the implementation 
of those programs and projects. Purchases of these products are for 
non-commercial use, as the products will be used in the laboratories and 
programmes supported by WHO.
WHO is procuring a variety of laboratory reagents to support the services of 
several global laboratory networks such as but not limited to the Global Polio 
Laboratory Network, Global Measles and Rubella Laboratory Network,  and the 
Global Invasive Bacterial and Rotavirus Laboratory Networks.  The diagnostic 
capacities among  network laboratories include  culture and isolation of the 
pathogen, antigen and antibody detection,  serotype and intratype 
differentiation and genetic characterization using recommended validated 
testing procedures, of which quality assurance is coordinated by WHO.  
Procedures may  differ between assay types and among the  laboratory networks, 
depending on the characteristics of the pathogens being diagnosed by the 
network laboratories.

2- Purpose of the position
Identify and compile a products database used by the WHO network laboratories 
and procured regularly and routinely by WHO, while identifying suppliers and 
manufacturers that can offer these exact products at the best value for money 
for WHO rate.

3- Specific Objectives
Under the technical guidance of the Procurement Officer, GSC, the selected 
candidate will do the following:
     -As part of the initial phase, extract and analyse procurement WHO data 
related to laboratory reagents and chemicals, procured by WHO in the last year.
-Identify minimum WHO procurement quality criteria  for critical  laboratory 
reagents and various laboratory products procured by WHO.
-Advice WHO GPL and WHO laboratory network coordinators with feasibility of 
local/ regional procurement of laboratory reagents (dangerous goods etc).
-Provide to WHO GPL and WHO laboratory network coordinators a list of quality / 
recommended/ best value for money suppliers for specific laboratory products.
-Review laboratory products available in WHO catalogue by specific categories.
-Propose alternative products for countries having embargo.

-Identify and classify the laboratory reagents and chemicals procured by WHO.
-Develop a list of minimum quality criteria for Procurement of  laboratory 
reagents by products: list the documents (certificates etc) that should be 
required in order to check quality of products offered to WHO.
- Create a database for  laboratory reagents and chemicals to be used  by WHO 
for future procurements, including  Product Name, Specifications,  
Manufacturer, Supplier, Product Code, Unit of Purchase, Standard Delivery Time, 
Note to Requestor/Buyer. Provide alternative options for countries facing 
embargo and local/ regional procurement.
-Reviewed material specifications and requirements with the relevant WHO 
technical units.
-Evaluated current suppliers with  respect to performance, product 
acceptability and quality.
-Develop a Guide for WHO GCS and WHO laboratory network coordinators in the 
procurement of laboratory reagents used by WHO supported programs.
5- Duration
45 working days (Starting 1st October and ending 31st December 2015)

6- Minimum requirements and competencies:
-Advanced degree in Laboratory or related field.
-At least 7 year of Mid-level professional experience in laboratory work, 
testing laboratory and procurement of laboratory reagents and chemicals.
-Senior expert in laboratory testing, and in particular to WHO laboratory 
supported programs.
-Excellent written and oral English required and technical abilities and skills 
in data reviewing and synthesizing information
-Prior experience of working with UN agencies, World Bank and other 
International Development Agencies will be an asset.

8- Conditions
*         This is a consultant position. The contract may be renewed after the 
initial period based upon performance and funding situation.
*         The consultant will be based in their home country and competitive 
salary will be offered.

9- How to apply:

Applicants are requested to send their submissions 
humbertt@who.int<mailto:humbertt@who.int> with subject line: "WHO procurement 
expert of laboratory reagents and chemicals" by 28 September 2015, 5:00pm EST.

Applications must include:

* Cover letter,
* CV, and
* P-11 form

Please indicate your ability, availability and daily/monthly rate (in US$) to 
undertake the terms of reference above. Applications submitted without a 
daily/monthly rate will not be considered.
NOTE: Files should not exceed 5.0MB limit

Ms Tifenn Humbert
Procurement Officer (Pharmaceuticals)
Global Procurement and Logistics

World Health Organization
Global Service Center (GSC)
Prima 7 Building
Block 3510, Jalan Teknokrat,6
63000 Cyberjaya, MALAYSIA
Tel.direct:+60 3 88717 026; Fax direct:+60 3 8871 7117
Mobile: +6012 726 4374
Email: humbertt@who.int<mailto:humbertt@who.int>
GPL Intranet: http://intranet.who.int/homes/gsc/gscservices/procurementservices

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