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[e-med] Video: Traitement antiretroviral à vie pour les femmes enceintes vivant avec le VIH

vidéo produite par l'Unicef et disponible ici :

Le 04/11/2014 12:48, « Kevin Mazorodze » <kevin@safaids.net> a écrit :

>Dear colleagues,
>UNICEF has produced a short animated video in English and French on
>life-long antiretroviral treatment for all pregnant women living with
>The video is available here:
>(ENGLISH): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2vIVnpJhJk
>(FRENCH): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3GvABGtE4g
>Told through the voices of a range of African characters, this short
>animated video illustrates the trajectory a woman would ideally follow
>once she finds out she is pregnant and living with HIV: what options are
>available to her in order to avoid passing HIV on to her unborn child;
>what the benefits of lifelong HIV treatment are for herself and her
>child; what are the implications of lifelong treatment for governments
>and donors and; what is the role of the woman's family and community in
>supporting her and making sure that no more children are born with HIV.
>We have envisaged the audience of this video to be women living with HIV
>and their families, as well as health practitioners and community health
>workers. Ideally, the video should be screened in waiting rooms inside
>clinics, at support group meetings, at community gatherings or during HIV
>and ante-natal counselling sessions. In order to do so, your role is
>fundamental in sharing this video with your professional networks to make
>sure that it reaches its intended audiences. Ideally you would share it
>with networks of women living with HIV and ministry of health in your own
>We hope you enjoy the video and do let us know if you would like a copy
>and how you plan to use it.
>Please contact:
>Chiara Frisone
>Communications (Children and AIDS)
>UNICEF Africa Service Unit (UNICEF ASU)
>Merafe House, 11 Naivasha Road
>Sunninghill 2157
>South Africa
>E: cfrisone@unicef.org
>T: +27 (0) 11 517 1554
>F: +27 (0) 11 517 1637
>C: +27 (0) 72 664 8003
>W: www.unicef.org/aids ; www.childrenandaids.org
>Facebook: www.facebook.com/UNICEFAfrica
>Twitter: www.twitter.com/UNICEFAfrica
>AFRO-NETS, an e-forum on health research and development in Africa,
>is moderated by an expert, and hosted by the FHI360-SATELLIFE Center
>for Health Information and Technology (www.healthnet.org)

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