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[e-med] L'indicateur de Prix Internationaux des Médicaments a été mis à jour (MSH)

(Permet de comparer les prix de 1200 produits.
La version française est disponible ici :
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Le 28/07/2014 16:45, « Frye, Julie » <jfrye@msh.org> a écrit :

>E-DRUG: Updated International Drug Price Indicator Guide Available
>Dear Colleagues,
>MSH is pleased to announce the availability of the 2013 edition of the
>*International Drug Price Indicator Guide*. The *Guide* provides a
>spectrum of prices from
>30 sources, including pharmaceutical suppliers, international development
>organizations, and government agencies. The *Guide* assists supply
>to determine the probable cost of pharmaceutical products for their
>programs, allows users to compare current prices paid to prices available
>on the international market or assess the potential financial impact of
>changes to a medicines list, and helps to support rational medicine use
>The 2013 edition of the *Guide* includes almost 70 new items, in a wide
>variety of therapeutic classes. This edition of the *Guide* has prices for
>nearly 1,200 products.
> (Note: It is called the 2013 edition because the prices in it are from
>The Web version of the *Guide* is posted on the Manager's Electronic
>Resource Center 
>and contains data from the 1996 edition to the 2013 edition.
>We encourage you to visit the site, where you can search for prices
>and download a .pdf file of the *Guide* suitable for printing.
>You can also download a spreadsheet with the median prices.
>If you are interested in contributing price information for the next
>edition, please let me know. I would be happy to hear from you.
>Best regards,
>Julie E. Frye
>Editor, *International Drug Price Indicator Guide*
>Center for Pharmaceutical Management
>Management Sciences for Health
>4301 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 400
>Arlington, VA 22203 USA
>jfrye@msh.org (e-mail)

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