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[e-med] Big Pharma dépense 40 milions d'euros par an en lobbying dans l'EU

[HAI Europe et Corporate Europe Observatory viennent de publier une nouvelle 
étude sur les "lobbyies" de l'industrie pharmaceutique.CB]


Big Pharma spends over €40 million per year lobbying in the EU, dwarfing public 
health NGOs

28 March 2012 - New research reveals that the pharmaceutical industry lobby is 
spending more than €40 million annually to influence decision making in the 
European Union (EU) – of which nearly half is spent by drug manufacturers on 
in-house lobbyists. 

According to these findings, civil society organisations active on EU medicines 
issues, on the other hand, spend a combined €3.4 million per year. With the 
immense disparity between the affluence of public interest groups and the 
industrial lobby, it becomes even more difficult to level the policy playing 

The report “Divide & Conquer: A look behind the scenes of the EU pharmaceutical 
industry lobby”, produced by Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) and Health 
Action International (HAI) Europe, surveyed the entries made by pharmaceutical 
companies and their representatives in the EU’s lobby Transparency Register to 
find out how much the industry claimed to spend on lobbying.(1) 

Results from this study show that many pharmaceutical companies lobbying the 
European Commission on legislation fail to declare their activities to the 
Register. As registration to the Transparency Register is voluntary, many 
pharmaceutical companies choose not to declare their expenditures. If recorded 
properly, expenditure on lobbying activities by the industry could be shown to 
be as high as €91 million annually, which would be more comparable with the 
lobby spending declared in the United States (2).The report estimates that 220 
lobbyists are active in the EU on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry.(3)

The pharmaceutical industry lobby has been linked to the EU’s move to enhance 
data protection which is resulting in delays to marketing cheaper generic 
medicines.(4) The industry lobby has also been implicated in EU member states’ 
response to the so-called H1N1 Influenza, specifically through alleged 
mass-spending on insufficiently tested vaccines, posing unknown safety risks to 
those vaccinated.(5)

HAI Europe Project officer Katrina Perehudoff said “The pharmaceuticals 
industry has a significant presence in Brussels, and is clearly spending 
considerable sums of money on lobbying. This information should be available so 
that decision makers have a clear idea of the level of industry activity – but 
at the moment we only have a partial picture.” 

Olivier Hoedeman from Corporate Europe Observatory added “There is an urgent 
need to strengthen the EU's lobby transparency register and make it mandatory 
for lobbies to sign up and ensure that the information disclosed is reliable.”


Health Action International (HAI) is an independent, European network working 
to increase access to essential medicines and improve their rational use 
through research excellence and evidence-based advocacy.  www.haieurope.org  
Contact Katrina@haieurope.org 


Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) is a research and campaign group working to 
expose and challenge the privileged access and influence enjoyed by 
corporations and their lobby groups in EU policy making. 
www.corporateeurope.org Contact Olivier@corporateeurope.org 


1.     The report Divide & Conquer: A look behind the scenes of the EU 
pharmaceutical industry lobby is available at 

2.     In the USA the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector reportedly spent 
about €85,5 million ($115 million USD) on lobbying the American government in 
2011. Clear and enforced reporting rules in the US yield a more accurate 
picture of pharma’s lobby contingent in America as compared to the EU. See: 

3.     The number of declared lobbyists in the EU compares with nearly 1500 
industry lobbyists documented in the US in 2011.  This figure includes all 
interest representatives from the sector (i.e. in-house representatives, 
lobbyists for industry associations and lobbyists from law firms or pr firms 
hired be clients) 

4.     See: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20018988 

5.     See: http://www.wodarg.de/english/2948146.html.

Katrina Perehudoff

Health Action International, Europe
Overtoom 60/II
1054 HK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 20 683 3684 
Fax: +31 20 685 5002
Email: katrina@haieurope.org

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