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[e-med] Cours sur les dénominations communes internationales (DCI)

[Le programme de l'OMS portant sur les dénominations communes
internationales des médicaments organise une formation le 27 janvier 2012 à
l'OMS et donne aux participants l'occasion de mieux comprendre les outils de
ce programme. Vous êtes encouragés à y participer.CB]

Training course on INN 2012
The International Nonproprietary Name Programme will organize a training
course on INN , which will be held at WHO Headquarters, Geneva.
The purpose of this training course is to improve communication between the
INN Secretariat and the INN interested parties as well as knowledge of the
INN system, by giving participants the opportunity to learn more on INN and
to become familiar with the newest INN tool, namely the INN Online
The training course will take place on 27 January 2012 in WHO HQ, Geneva.
INN Stakeholders interested in participating are encouraged to submit their
Expression of Interest (EOI) to WHO INN Secretariat. To register
electronically go on the WHO INN web site
The draft agenda will be sent to participants after their registration.
Kindly note that it will not be possible for WHO to cover any cost.

Dr Raffaella G. Balocco Mattavelli
Manager of the International Nonproprietary Name (INN) Programme Quality
Assurance and Safety: Medicines
Department of Essential Medicines and Pharmaceutical Policies       
World Health Organization
Tel. *41-22-791.3695/1249 Fax. *41-22-791.4730 innprogramme@who.int
baloccor@who.int INN Web site page

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