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[e-med] Publication "Développement et santé dans les pays pauvres"

[pour t�l�charger la version fran�aise du livre "D�veloppement et sant� dans 
les pays pauvres: le r�le des organisations internationales et de la suisse", 
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Centrale Sanitaire Suisse Romande (CSSR)
15, rue des Savoises
CH - 1205 Geneva
Call/fax: +41 22 329 59 37
A new publication of the Centrale Sanitaire Suisse Romande (Geneva):
"Development and health in poor countries :
role of the International Organizations and of Switzerland"
B.Briand, L.Eder-Colli, A.Gut, L.Henny & B.Vitale
Four years ago, we published a book on the negative impact of the TRIPS 
Agreement on essential drugs access in poor countries: 
"Intellectual property and access to medicines"
We have now pushed forward our analysis, to better clarify the different roles 
played by those international organisations that most heavily influence the 
decisions relative to essential drugs access. The point was, not only to better 
identify these roles, but also to make more apparent the choices and the 
contradictions that determine the relations among those actors; and, at the 
same time, to discover the internal tensions and contradictions that shape - 
more perhaps than we can imagine - their power plays on the international 
scene. One discovers therefore on one side, how WTO, WIPO, UPOV, WHO, etc. 
define their strategies, and on the other side, how these strategies are often 
the result of compromises in the frame of their internal power struggles.
We have critically analysed in more detail the role played by Switzerland in 
this international game, whose primary aim should be  the guaranty of a 
facilitated access to essential drugs for poor countries, but where strong 
influences by powerful economic ("big pharma") and political (free trade 
agreements) interests play an essential role.    
The book, published in two versions (French and English), can be freely 
downloaded from our Internet site:
those who would like to receive a paper copy can either write to us, specifying 
the language:
CSSR, Maison des Associations, 15 r.des Savoises, 1205 Genève,
or send us a message:
info@css-romande.ch [1]
(see, on the back page, the Summary of the book)


"Development and health in poor countries : role of the International 
Organizations and of Switzerland" (2010) - Summary
First part : parties involved

The World Trade Organization (WTO) 
Its main role in establishing a universal juridical system of intellectual 
2.1 Patent management especially in the field of health
2.2 Close collaboration between WIPO and WTO
2.3 Patents on animals and « traditional » plants
      (i.e. non genetically modified) 
2.4 New challenges : the Development Agenda and the Geneva Declaration 
3. Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV) 
4. The World Health Organization (WHO) 
4.1 Is the reference in matter of health losing its influence ? 
4.2 From the Commission on Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Public 
Health (CIPIH) to the Intergovernmental Group on Public Health, Innovation and 
Intellectual Property (PHI) 
5. Multilateral and bilateral relations 
The reinforcement of intellectual property rights beyond the standards foreseen 
by the TRIPS Agreement.
6. Non governmental organizations (NGOs) 
Second part : role of Switzerland and possible actions
1. Switzerland’s position vs. intellectual property protection in the framework 
of WTO 
2. Switzerland, IP and access to essential medicines 
3. Patenting living species, broaden the bases on which animal races and plant 
species can be patented through ambiguous processes 
4. Health in the world 
5. Commitment of Switzerland in bilateral and multilateral agreements 
6. Actions of NGOs in Switzerland in the field of access to medicines 
Access to medicines : between WTO’s trade rules and WHO’s public health 
by Germán Velásquez 
Recommended reading 
Logos and acronyms 
Particulars of international organizations 

[1] We still have a few copies of the first book (in French and Spanish); 
please tell us if you would like to receive also a copy of it; the three 
versions (in English, French and Spanish) of  the first book can also be freely 
downloaded  from our Internet site.

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