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[e-med] Special Call for ICIUM2011 Abstracts and Scholarship Applications on Gender Issues in Medicines Access and Use


ICIUM2011 (www.icium2011.org) focuses on the impact of interventions, programs, 
and policies on use of medicines in low and middle-income countries.  In each 
of eight major topic areas (access; policy; economics; chronic care; child 
health; HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis; malaria; and drug resistance), research on 
medicines issues at the international, regional, national, institutional, 
provider, and patient levels is of interest.  The ICIUM2011 Call for Abstracts 
(http://www.inrud.org/ICIUM/Call-for-Abstracts.cfm) describes topics of 
interest in detail.  Since the intent of ICIUM2011 is to help shape evidence 
based policy recommendations and a future research agenda, both newly completed 
and recently published work can be submitted.

In addition to the topics listed in the call for abstracts, ICIUM2011 seeks 
submissions of work on gender issues in medicines access and use, a 
cross-cutting theme which will be addressed throughout the conference.  
Generous support from the UK Government and the Suzanne Mubarak Regional Centre 
for Women's Health and Development makes this focus of the conference possible 
and a limited number of scholarships will be available for researchers working 
on gender-related issues to travel to Alexandria and participate in the 
conference. Eligible individuals from low or middle income countries need to 
have an accepted gender-related abstract and propose a strategy to disseminate 
results from ICIUM2011 among colleagues in their countries or professional 

Gender-focused work can span the wide range of ICIUM2011 topics.  Examples of 
topics of interest include, but are not limited to, assessments of gender 
equity in: access to and use of medicines; participation in care programs; 
adherence to therapy; financing and affordability of care and medicines; and 
perceptions on medicines.
For abstract submission, please go to 
http://www.inrud.org/ICIUM/Abstract-Submission.cfm.  Besides submitting their 
abstract, individuals interested in applying for a scholarship to present their 
gender-related work should also upload on the website a brief (maximum 500 
words) description of a dissemination strategy for sharing gender-focused 
reports from the conference.  Dissemination strategies may include presentation 
of ICIUM2011 proceedings at relevant national conferences and at meetings with 
national and institutional policy makers; messages to health care providers; 
and outreach to the public via the media.
The ICIUM2011 Scientific Program Committee is looking forward to receiving your 
work in this important, under-researched area, and to meeting you in Alexandria!

For the ICIUM2011 Scientific Program Committee
Keith Johnson
Center for Pharmaceutical Management
Management Sciences for Health

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