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[quelques informations sur le travail du réseau africain pour l'innovation 
en médicaments et tests de diagnostic soutenu par TDR (Tropical disease 

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Subject: [TDR] Development of an R&D Knowledge Management Database for 
ANDI - Call for Proposals

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Development of an R&D Knowledge Management Database for the African
Network for Drugs and Diagnostics Innovation (ANDI) - Call for Proposals

The African Network for Drugs and Diagnostics Innovation (ANDI) concept
was launched at Abuja in 2008. ANDI's goal is to promote & sustain
African-led R&D innovation to support the discovery, development and
delivery affordable new products including those based on traditional
medicines, for diseases that disproportionately affect the African
continent. ANDI will also support capacity building and infrastructural
development. Following the Abuja meeting, a task force was established
to develop the strategic and business plan for ANDI.
See  http://lnk.nu/meeting.tropika.net/171e.pdf
This plan was presented and unanimously endorsed at the 2nd ANDI
Stakeholders Meeting held in Cape Town in October 2009.
See  http://lnk.nu/meeting.tropika.net/171f.pdf
The need to develop a web-based resource to support the implementation
of all the activities of ANDI including networking, exchange of
information, project progression tracking and management decision trees
was specified in the strategic and business plan for ANDI. ANDI is
temporarily hosted as a project within the Special Programme for
Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR), World Health
Organization, but the initiative is expected to be transitioned to a
host African country by 2011.

The ANDI Task Force is soliciting proposals from parties interested in
the design and the development of the ANDI R&D database and
portfolio/pipeline/product (PPP) management platform comprising two main
1.      An open access section that will support networking, exchange of
information and interaction between African scientists, policy makers,
and their peers in other continents. This section will also contain ANDI
research policies and processes, standard operating procedures,
methodology for specific research, calls for application from ANDI and
other agencies (locally and internationally), relevant publications,
meeting announcements, electronic meeting rooms/communication platforms.
2.      A secure, internal database interface containing confidential
information related to specific ANDI R&D projects (accessible only to
ANDI scientists and partners) to support the analysis, comparison and
visualization of data. This part will contain a dedicated
Portfolio/Pipeline/Product (PPP) management platform to support all
project management activities.

* Simple and intuitive web based interfaces
* A repository of scientific data supporting research on small molecule,
biomarkers, natural products, traditional medicines and other biological
and clinical information.
* Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) used for various products R&D
activities including biological screening, chemical synthesis, clinical
trails etc.
* Electronic lab notebook and laboratory information management system
* Necessary links to other relevant databases (e.g. genome and target
databases, patents, patent pools, commercial suppliers of compounds and
relevant reagents, contract research organizations, manufacturers etc.)
* A scientific publication tracking tool
* Project management tools including standard reporting protocols
facilitating management decisions
* Repository for policy documents including intellectual property, terms
of collaboration, materials transfer, ethical guidelines, etc

Interested applicants must demonstrate strong IT and database
development expertise and are expected to describe the approach to be
used for the work. The selected solution is expected to provide the
necessary tools that will support the integration of all ANDI activities
as outlined in the strategic and business plan.

Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:
1.      Expertise and track record of applicant or organization
2.      Technology used - availability and ease of use In developing
3.      Interest in capacity building and supporting work in developing
4.      Willingness to partner or set up the database in an African
5.      Competitive budget - estimation of the cost of developing the
database is required
Leading IT/database organizations interested in developing the ANDI
database as a philanthropic gesture are also welcome to apply. It is
expected that the use of this resource will be extended to other
regional innovation networks as they are established. Applications from
African or other developing countries are encouraged to apply.

The deadline for proposals is April 30, 2010. The selected applicant
will be notified by May 15, 2010 following further discussion with
shortlisted applicants.
The database is expected to be launched at the 3rd ANDI Stakeholders
Meeting scheduled for October 10 - 15, 2010 in Nairobi Kenya.

Proposals, enquiries and requests for additional information should be
sent to Dr. Foluke Fakorede (fakoredef@who.int). Additional documents
may be submitted as appendices to this form (e.g. CVs or additional
information on the track record of applicant).


The Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR) 
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Programme, World Bank and World Health Organization (WHO), and administered 
by WHO in Geneva, Switzerland. Its focus is on working with institutions in 
low and middle income countries on research into neglected diseases of the 
poor, with the goal of improving existing approaches and developing new ways 
to prevent, diagnose, treat and control these diseases.

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