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[e-med] Poste à pourvoir(MSF), directeur de la campagne accès aux médicaments

[et comme selon ce profil de poste, il faut parler et écrire dans un anglais

Job Posting: Medical Director, MSF Access to Essential Medicines Campaign

The Campaign for Access to Essential medicines is an international MSF
project launched in 1999 when it was realised that the lack of access to
effective and affordable treatment in the countries where MSF operates is
the result of the very nature of the pharmaceutical market and the way it is
The Campaign's current general objectives as agreed by the MSF's
International Council are : 
*       To make new ?life-saving or essential? medicines, vaccines and
diagnosis tools affordable and accessible (including those products still
patented in some countries). 
*       To secure the production and accessibility of quality essential
medicines, vaccines and diagnosis tools that have either been abandoned, are
in danger of being abandoned, or for which stock discontinuation is leading
to access problems. 
*       To stimulate research and development activities of new medicines,
vaccines and diagnostic tools. 
*       In addition, a key function of the Campaign is to challenge and
stimulate MSF not to accept a status quo based on sub-standard medical


*       Reports to the Access Campaign's Executive Director 
*       Is a member of the Campaign's Management Team 
*       Provides medical strategy and vision to the Campaigns overall
*       Coordinates the medical team 
*       Acts as a spokesperson of the Campaign 
*       Ensures medical soundness and accuracy of campaign messages 



*       Participates in the strategic planning process of the Campaign
(annual plan, reporting, steering committee meetings etc) 
*       Defines the medical strategy and direction of the Campaign together
with the Executive Director and translates these into achievable objectives 
*       Develops an annual action plan for the medical team 
*       Manages the budget of the medical team 
*       Coordinates the medical team 

Specific Functions: 

*       Leads medical analyses and writing of medical reports defining the
access problems and key medical arguments for the campaign's advocacy
*       Proposes medical tools and strategies that could become target for
campaigning and be proposed to MSF medical departments and operations 
*       Participates in defining campaigning strategies 
*       Conducts active medical advocacy (speaking at conferences,
preparation of publications in international medical journals, organisation
of medical events, media spokesperson, support to the Campaign comms team

*       Supervises the medical activities of the Campaign 
*       Closely cooperates with the other Management Team members to provide
medical input on all activities of the Campaign 
*       Ensures medical accuracy and soundness of all campaign messages and


*       Maintains contacts with a wide range of external partners
(specialists, WHO, other NGOs, MoH representatives etc..) in coordination
with the Executive Director 
*       Coordinate a network of external experts and brings together outside
expertise, MSF field and technical expertise to develop campaign strategies 
*       Maintains close links with MSF operations and medical departments:
- Support field activities related to the campaign objectives, help define
the gaps and make recommendations for campaign action 
- Participate to relevant MSF disease working groups: propose new approaches
when relevant, help define priorities in operational research, give feedback
on the international events attended, bring advocacy and innovation
perspective to working groups
- Feed medical departments with relevant information from the Campaign work
- Explain and promote Campaign objectives at various MSF platforms in
coordination with the other MT members 


*       Medical Doctor with field experience (MSF experience preferred) 
*       MPH or other postgraduate degree desirable 
*       Proven track record in high level medical advocacy 
*       Publications in peer-reviewed journals 
*       Excellent English speaking and writing skills 
*       Excellent analytical skills and strategic sense 
*       Experience in managing medical teams 
*       Excellent interpersonal, networking and presentation skills 
*       Availability for frequent travel 

There is a preference for the position to be based in Geneva, but
accommodation could be made for a highly qualified candidate to be based in
the MSF office in Paris. 

Applications will be accepted until 15 September 2007. CV and motivation
letter should be sent by mail, fax or email to: 

Isabelle Saussereau, MSF International Office, Geneva 
Fax: + 41 22 849 84 04
Email: isabelle.saussereau@msf.org 


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