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[e-med] (6)Structure prix médicaments

E-MED: (6)Structure prix médicaments

Une séance a été organisée hier dans le cadre de l'Assemblée mondiale de la 
santé sur cette question en particulier.
Les premiers résultats d'une étude menées par l'OMS et HAI ont été présentés.
Je copie ci-dessous un message e-drug sur le sujet (en anglais!) mais 
indiquant les coordonnées des personnes impliquées dans le projet, ainsi 
que celles du site internet où les chiffres seront prochainement disponibles.
Catherine Gavin
Campagne Accès
Médecins sans Frontières

E-DRUG: WHO and HAI launch new pricing study
[WHO and HAI just launched this new pricing study at the WHO Assembly in
Geneva. WB]
Press Release from HAI
Unaffordable Medicines: Data from New Pricing Manual Confirms Problem
The World Health Organization (WHO) and Health Action International (HAI) 
announce the release today of Medicine Prices, a pricing manual outlining 
how to collect and analyze data for thirty widely-used medicines. Medicine 
prices vary between countries and regions and historically, relatively 
little has been known about how those prices are determined.
?In developing countries, poverty places medicines out of reach of 
one-third of the population,? says Margaret Ewen from HAI Europe. ?Better 
information on prices, price differences and the factors contributing a 
medicine?s final cost are essential if governments and other medicine 
purchasers are to find ways of making medicines more affordable. ?

The manual proposes a new price survey methodology, suggests how to analyse 
price data, and identifies broad policy options to achieve more affordable 
prices, including comparisons of innovator brand products with their 
generic equivalents.
Before publication, the survey methodology was tested over two years in 
Armenia, Brazil, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Peru, Philippines, South Africa 
and Sri Lanka. These are a few of the findings:

- A one dose treatment of innovator brand ciprofloxacin for gonorrhea in 
Armenia and Kenya requires 3 days? wages and 1 hour in Sri Lanka

- For the same treatment, if in Armenia you use the generic equivalent 
rather than the innovator brand, you save 2.5 days pay

- In Kenya, the brand premium across 10 medicines is over 400%, primarily 
because generic prices are very low.

- The consumer price of innovator brand nifedipine 10mg in private 
pharmacies is about six times higher in South Africa than in Brazil

- In South Africa, all of the private retail pharmacies surveyed had 
innovator brand omeprazole available but only 50% had the most sold generic.

Email the Documentation Centre at WHO EDM (edmdoccentre@who.int) to obtain 
a copy of the manual. Data from the pilot studies will be available on 
HAI?s web site (www.haiweb.org/medicineprices) in early June. The manual is 
being published as a working draft and will be revised late 2004 following 
the completion of more field testing.

If you are interested in conducting a price survey or want more information 
contact Margaret Ewen at HAI Europe (info@haiweb.org) or Andrew Creese at 
WHO EDM (medicineprices@who.int)
Margaret Ewen
email: marg@haiweb.org
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