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[e-med] Séminaire technique OMS/EDM, 2003

E-MED: Séminaire technique OMS/EDM, 2003

[Modérateur: comme chaque année, l'OMS organise un séminaire technique (en
anglais); ci-dessous les divers documents d'information et d'inscription.

Please find below, a message which has been placed on e-drug regarding the
WHO/EDM Technical Briefing Seminar, 29 September - 3 October 2003.  Also
attached is the application form which you need to fill in and return to Mrs
Ann Wilberforce on wilberforcea@who.int should you wish to be considered for
the Seminar.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to receiving your

Kind regards

Elizabeth Murray
Secretary to Dr R. Gray

E-drug: WHO/EDM Technical Briefing Seminar

WHO/EDM Technical Briefing E-drug: Seminar No 6 Geneva.
29 September - 3 October 2003

Dear all,

Please find below the first formal announcement of a one-week
Technical Briefing Seminar which the WHO Department of
Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy will organize in Geneva in
September/October 2003. Similar briefing seminars have been
held annually since 1998. This year's programme includes
updates on the Global Fund, the UN pre-qualification project, the
procedures for updating and disseminating the WHO Model List
of Essential Medicines, the web-based Essential Medicines
Library, Rational Use of Medicines, and the implications of
international trade agreements.

Already, 35 people have expressed interest in attending while
our capacity is limited. This means that regrettably a number of
potential participants may be disappointed.

As in previous years, participation at the seminar is free of
charge but participants will have to arrange for their own travel,
board and lodging. Requests for application forms can be sent
to Mrs A. Wilberforce, WHO/EDM/PAR, 1211 Geneva,
fax 41-22-7914167, or e-mail wilberforcea@who.int. The WHO
Department of Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy will not be
able to sponsor any participants.

Dr Hans V. Hogerzeil MD, PhD, FRCP (Edin)
Coordinator for Policy, Access and Rational Use
Department of Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy
World Health Organization, 1211 Geneva 27
Tel: 41.22.791.3528, Fax: 41.22.791.4167

WHO Technical Briefing Seminar for international and national
staff active in pharmaceutical support programmes.

Organized by: WHO Department of Essential Drugs and
Medicines Policy (WHO/EDM), in collaboration with UNICEF
Supply Division, Copenhagen Venue: WHO Headquarters,
Geneva, Salle G (8th floor)
Dates: 29 September - 3 October 2003

Target audience:

Technical advisers and field staff of WHO, UNICEF, other UN
and bilateral agencies, governmental and non-governmental
organizations active in pharmaceutical and health sector reform
programmes in developing countries.

Meeting objectives:

By the end of the programme, participants will:

1.   have a general understanding of the most common
     problems in the pharmaceutical sector in developing
2.   have a general understanding of how WHO and the UNICEF
     Supply Division support developing countries in
     strengthening the pharmaceutical sector;
3.   appreciate the importance of national drug policies as the
     best approach to make essential drugs of good quality
     available to all who need them, and ensure the rational use
     of drugs; 4. be aware of ways to strengthen collaboration
     with WHO and other organizations supporting the
     pharmaceutical sector in developing countries.

Structure of sessions:

1.   Presentation (20-30 minutes) of main problems at country
     level, key approaches/ strategies, practical aspects of
     assistance to Member States, and key documents
2.   30 minutes of small group discussion on the basis of 3-4
     discussion points
3.   Presentations by group - discussion

Resource persons:

Most presentations and discussions will be lead by senior staff
members of the WHO Department of Essential Drugs and
Medicines Policy and one session by staff of UNICEF. Time has
been reserved for an optional session and for individual
appointments with WHO staff.


Participation at the Technical Briefing Seminar is free of charge;
but participants will have to arrange for their own travel, board
and lodging*. WHO/EDM is not in a position to financially
support applicants.

Requests for application forms can be sent to
Mrs A. Wilberforce, WHO/EDM/PAR, 1211 Geneva,
Fax: 41.22.791.4167, or e-mail wilberforcea@who.int

Applicants will be requested to fill in an application form giving
contact details and an explanation as to why they consider
themselves a good candidate for selection. Those applicants
who are not able to attend the full four and a half days are
strongly discouraged from applying.

Admission to the seminar will be confirmed by mid August at the

Provisional Outline of Programme:

(Resource persons and exact time-table subject to confirmation)

Monday 29 September 2003
  Introduction Welcome
  Introductory presentation
  Introduction of participants: Gallery of experts
  25 Years of Essential Drugs-Impact & Challenges
  Selection of Essential Medicines WHO Model List of Essential
  Medicines: Update 2003
  Evidence-based approach
  Essential Medicines Library web-based demonstration
  National Medicines Policies-Indicators

  Evening Reception

Tuesday 30 September
  What is access? Access to essential medicines
  Access to HIV/AIDS medicines
  Access to antimalarial medicines
  Procurement and supply Drug procurement, supply and
  distribution, (UNICEF)

  Evening Joint dinner in the old town of Geneva

Wednesday 1 October
  What is quality? Drug regulation and quality assurance
  WHO normative functions in the field of pharmaceuticals
  Pre-qualification of antiretroviral, antimalarial and
  antituberculosis drugs
  Assessment of regulatory capacity at country level
  Drug Prices and Financing Differential Pricing
  WHO/NGO Price Survey Methodology
  Generic Policies

Thursday 2 October
  What is rational drug use? Promoting rational drug use
  Country programmes
  Optional extra session, as decided by the participants

Friday 3 October
  Global issues Impact of globalisation, international trade
  Global medicines funds
  International coordination

  12.30 Closure
WHO Headquarters, Geneva
29 September -  3 October 2003

Application for admission to seminar

Full mailing address:
Position held:
Personal background and interest in the field of essential medicines:

Reasons for wishing to attend the seminar:(Please explain why you consider
yourself a good candidate for the seminar)

Mrs A. Wilberforce
Team Coordinators Secretary
Policy, Access and Rational Use
Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy

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