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[e-med] Réunion MSF, Cptech, OXFAM, HAI & TWN sur la R&D le 29 04 Genève

E-MED:Réunion MSF, Cptech, OXFAM, HAI & TWN sur la R&D le 29 04 Genève

Bonjour Carinne,
Je n'ai  l'annonce que en anglais. Est-il quand même possible de la poster
sur remed, s'il-te-plaît?
Merci infiniment.

[modérateur: ben oui, c'est mieux que rien... d'autant que toute la conf. se
tiendra en anglais...?? est-ce qu'il y a des volontaires pour faire des
petits travaux de traduction pour e-med?!! CB]

International Meeting on a global framework for supporting health research
    and development (R&D) in areas of market and public policy failure.

                          Geneva, April 29 2003.

In May the World Health Assembly will discuss "Intellectual Property
Rights, Innovation and Public Health". Running up to the WHA, Médecins sans
Frontières (MSF), Consumer Project on Technology (CPTECH), OXFAM, Health
Action International (HAI) and Third World Network (TWN) organize a one day
meeting in Geneva on April 29, 2003. The key theme of the meeting is the
need for a global approach for ensuring research and development ( R&D) in
areas of market and public policy failure.  The purpose of the meeting will
be to review different frameworks for ensuring R&D that meet real health
needs in areas where private incentives are not sufficient or not
appropriate.  Speakers at the meeting will be asked to address the
following themes:

-     The international essential research agenda
-     R&D for AIDS drugs to help scale up the AIDS treatment
-     Drugs for Neglected Diseases and Vaccine development
-     Public domain databases of gene sequences or other important data
-     Research for appropriate technologies, such as low cost diagnostic
tests and devices
-     Technology transfer for developing countries
-     Transparency of investment flow, and its relationship to R&D
-     Existing global mechanisms for health R&D

The meeting will bring together officials from national governments and
International organizations, academia, research institutes, public health
and development
NGOs, private industry and others to discuss possible mechanisms for global
cooperation in raising levels of R&D, and increasing the transparency of
such efforts, as well as fulfilling global
obligations to facilitate technology transfer.

The meeting will discuss possible legal frameworks to enhancing global
cooperation on funding such R&D efforts, including for example models for
international convention on R&D.

There is no specific grant for this meeting, and most participants will be
expected to cover their own travel expenses.

The meeting will take place at:
The International Conference Centre of  Geneva (CICG) 15 rue de Varembé,
1211 Genève 20, Switzerland from 9.00h. ? 18.00h.

Participation is limited. If you would like to reserve a place in the
meeting please contact: Ms Joy Spencer in Washington  at
joy.spencer@cptech.org (+1.202.387.8030, fax or Ms Mai Do
in Paris at: mdo@paris.msf.org (+ 33 1 4021 2825)

You can contact Ms Spencer or Ms Do for additional information.

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