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[e-med] Conference "Médecines traditionnelles et VIH/SIDA"

E-MED:Conference "Médecines traditionnelles et VIH/SIDA"
Objet : Re: Senegal Traditional Healing & HIV/AIDS Conference - July 20-21,

Nous avons le plaisir, conjointement avec le Gouvernement de la République
du Sénégal et ENDA TM, d'annoncer la tenue du 4ème Congrès International et
Exposition sur les Médecines Traditionnelles "Médecines traditionnelles et
VIH/SIDA", au Sénégal, Afrique de l'Ouest, les 20 et 21 juillet 2004 (ce
congrès était originalement prévu en juillet  2002 et a été reporté à cause
des actions terroristes)

We are pleased to inform you that, in association with the Government of the
Republic of Senegal and ENDA TM, we shall host our 4th International
Conference & Exhibition on Traditional Medicine "Traditional Healing &
HIV/AIDS" in Senegal, West Africa on July 20-21, 2004. (This conference
was originally slated for July 2002 but was postponed because of the
September 11, 2001 terrorists attacks).

The objectives of the 2 days plenary conference are:

(a) To update the world on the current situation of the HIV/AIDS epidemic,
its trends, social and cultural impacts, in order to ascertain the needs and
appropriate areas of intervention for the future;

(b) To determine the role of traditional healers in the fight against
HIV/AIDS, based on successes achieved, issues of prevention, education,
research and ethics;

(c) To foster constructive dialogue and education between practitioners of
conventional medicine and traditional medicine;

(d) To promote better understanding of traditional healing practices in
various social and cultural backgrounds; and

(e) To stimulate alliances and networking between traditional healers
associations around the globe.

We have already received commitments from the following persons to serve as

1. Professor Masao Hattori of the Institute of Natural Medicine, Toyama
Medical & Pharmaceutical University, Japan;

2. Professor Jean Pierre Coulaud, Director of French Institute of Tropical
Medicine & African Epidemiology and WHO Collaborating Center for STD,

3. Dr. Angha S. Kulkarni, Aids Ayurvedic Care & Counselling Charitable
Center, India;

4. Dr. G.A. Balint, Head, Dept of Psychiatry, University of Szeged, Hungary;

5. Dr. Celsa Spina, Associate Adjunct Professor, Department of Pathology,
School of Medicine, University of California, San Diego, USA;

6. Dr. Ellen Tattelman, Associate Professor, Albert Einstein College of
Medicine, New York, USA;

7. Dr. Leanna J. Standish, Bastyr University AIDS Research Center,
Washington USA;

8. Mr. Joseph Mthetwa, WHO AFRO Collaborating Research Scientist at Tropical
Diseases Research Centre, Zambia; and

Dr. Mariza Morgado, Senior Scientist, Department of Immunology, Oswaldo Cruz
Institute, Brazil.

As news about this conference spread, we expect that many speakers and
participants from every part of the world would attend to attempt to find
some of the solutions to combat and prevent the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

This conference is open to administrators, practitioners, educators and
students of modern and ancient medicine from Africa, Asia, Australia, New
Zealand, Europe, North America and South America relating to HIV/AIDS and
other ailments.

Part of the event would be the displays of the ancient and modern sciences
and arts of healing diseases, and the exhibition of pharmaceutical
properties, herbs and plants of medicinal values used in the cure of various
ailments, especially HIV/AIDS, by practitioners from remote regions of the

The overall objectives of the conference are to:

(a) Assemble modern and indigenous doctors, nurses, students and exhibitors,
who are currently engaged in conventional and alternative health
administration, practices, services, and studies, among the world's diverse
populations, for presentations, discussions and exchange of real life
experiences and knowledge in medicine and healthcare relating to HIV/AIDS;

(b) Generate a pool of invaluable scientific findings to enhance medical
education, scientific research and the provision of healthcare in HIV/AIDS
related settings; and

(c) Share the findings with interested governmental and non-governmental
agencies, institutions of learning and practice of medicine for possible
integration into public health policies and global health education.

This is to invite you to participate in this important conference. We also
appeal to you to help us in circulating this information via your internet
sites and publications in the hope that the communities of those regions of
the world you cater to would have the opportunity to attend.

We look forward to receiving your timely and favorable response.

J.William Danquah
President & Chief Executive Officer
Africa First, LLC,
517 Asbury Street #11
St. Paul, MN 55104 USA
Tel: 651-646-4721/Fax 651-644-3235
Website: http://www.africa-first.com

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