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[e-med] (3)Information sur Arinate

E-MED:(3)Information sur Arinate

[Modérateur: nous avons reçu hier soir ces infos; il pourrait s'agir d'un
problème de diagnostic... à suivre de toutes les façons.CB]

vendredi 28 février 2003 18:09

Dear ALL,

I've spoken just now with Dr Janssen, CEO of Dafra on this issue. Here is
his account of the event.

His local collaborator in Mauritania said that malaria diagnosis was not
confirmed in the 5 cases of death and there is a possibility that another
disease of hemorrhagic nature was misdiagnosed as malaria and treated with

>From the same source he has been informed that other patients had a similar
clinical presentation after being treated with other antimalarials like
chloroquine and sulfadoxine/pyrimethamine, but he was unable to give
information on numbers of patients and outcome of their illnesses.

He is not aware of any counterfeit Arinate in the whole of West Africa, and
doesn't believe this is the likely cause of the event.

He welcomes the investigations planned by the Institut Pasteur of Dakar, and
he himself will be there on Tuesday next week. He agreed to transmit to WHO
any information Dafra will gather on this issue in the near future.

I will continue to share with you any information I will get on this issue.

With all the best,

Andrea Bosman, MD PhD
Medical Officer
Access to Prompt and Effective Treatment
Malaria Control Department
Control of Communicable Diseases
World Health Organization
Av. Appia 20, 1211 Geneva
tel.: +41 22 791 3860
fax +41 22 791 4824

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