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[e-med] appel à communications du colloque de l'IAEN

E-MED: appel à communications du colloque de l'IAEN

Chers collègues,

Vous trouverez ci-dessous l'avis de l'appel à communications du colloque de
l'IAEN (International AIDS and Economics Netword), qui se tiendra à
Barcelone les 6 et 7 juillet, juste avant la conférence internationale sur
le Sida. L'ANRS co-sponsorise le séminaire.

Nous vous invitons à soumettre des propositions d'abstracts pour ce
séminaire. Merci de nous tenir informés de vos décisions.

Bien cordialement,

Yves Souteyrand

Agence Nationale de Recherches sur le Sida
101 rue de tolbiac - 75013 Paris - France
Tel : (33) (0) 1 53 94 60 10/12
Fax: (33) (0) 1 53 94 60 03
E-mail: yves.souteyrand@anrs.fr


IAEN Call For Papers
The Economics of HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries
July 6-7, 2002 (Deadline April 26!!)
Background and Purpose of this Call for Papers and Symposium:

The IAEN is pleased to announce its second Call for Papers for individuals
who are conducting research on the issue of HIV/AIDS and economics. Papers
will be presented during a 2-day Symposium in Barcelona on July 6 and 7,
2002. All papers will be reviewed and a select number of authors will be
asked to present their work during the course of the conference. A certain
number of abstracts will be selected for scholarships; others will be
invited to attend and present at their own expense.

Researchers who respond to this call for papers and are selected will be
asked to present their work and to attend the XIV International AIDS
Conference which follows (July 7-12, 2002). The selection committee for the
IAEN Barcelona Symposium will choose winning authors from a variety of
countries. Topics may span a variety of issues including the
cost-effectiveness of prevention, costs of treatment, and the household,
sectoral and macroeconomic impacts of the epidemic. This Symposium is being
sponsored by The POLICY Project, ANRS, UNAIDS, WHO, the World Bank and
USAID. Additional sponsors are welcome.

Symposium Logistics:

The Symposium will take place on the 6th and 7th of July 2002 in Barcelona
(the exact location is currently being finalized).
Background and Purpose of this Symposium: The International AIDS Economic
Network (IAEN) is inviting researchers to present new and innovative work on
the economics of HIV/AIDS in developing countries at a special symposium
during the International
Conference on HIV/AIDS in Barcelona, Spain.

The Symposium and the IAEN Conference Fellowships are designed to help
foster more and better research on the economics of HIV/AIDS, especially
research by and for people in developing countries. The program seeks to
increase the influence of this work on policy design by showcasing it
through several channels: the Symposium itself, on-line publication and
promotion through the IAEN web site and e-mail newsletter.

For this IAEN meeting in Barcelona a special attention will be devoted to
papers discussing the issues related to resource allocation and funding
mechanisms between various fields of intervention against the HIV epidemic
(prevention and care) and  between HIV and other related pathologies
(tuberculosis, malaria etc.) as well as issues related to improved access to
treatment for HIV-infected persons.


Researchers and HIV/AIDS program administrators who have produced recent
unpublished work on the economics of HIV/AIDS in  developing countries are
encouraged to submit abstracts (maximum length, 600 words) by April 26, for
papers to be completed by June 7. Successful applicants will receive
financial support as described below.

Abstracts are to be evaluated with respect to:
* Theoretical soundness
* Methodology
* Analytic rigor
* Significance of the research for public policy

Fellowship Awards:

Successful applicants will be provided with economy-class travel to and from
Barcelona, registration for the XIVth International AIDS Conference and
accommodation and meals for the duration of the symposium and the
conference. Multidisciplinary teams and co-authored papers are welcome, but
financial support will only be available to one co-author per paper.

Deadlines and Dates:

* Abstracts and fellowship applications: April 26
* Notification of acceptance: May 17
* Papers due: June 7
* Reviewers comments sent: June 14
* Revised papers due for circulation ahead of symposium: June 21
* IAEN Symposium in Barcelona: July 6 & 7
* XIV International AIDS Conference in Barcelona: July 7 - 12

Affiliated Organizations

The IAEN AIDS Conference Fellowships were offered in association with the
following organizations:

* Futures Group International
* Health Economics and HIV/AIDS Research Division, University of Natal,
* Instituto Nacional de Salud Publica
* World Health Organization
* The World Bank

Go to the abstract submission form to apply online. Abstracts will also be
accepted via email at info@iaen.org.

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