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[e-med] Annonce pour un "job"

E-MED: Annonce pour un "job"

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Position: Field Officer (Africa)


Salary: Commensurate with experience

Closing date for applications: January 31, 2002

SATELLIFE is a non-profit organization based in Watertown, Massachusetts,
USA that created and maintains a global health information and communication
network called HealthNet. The Field Officer will represent SATELLIFE s
interests in Africa and oversee its activities throughout the continent. The
primary responsibility will be to promote the HealthNet vision of building
communities of health professionals who use information technology for
knowledge acquisition and sharing. This will be achieved in large part by
assisting new and existing HealthNet sites to achieve their full potential
by acquiring new technical and administrative skills, business planning, and
marketing. The Field Officer will also help the HealthNet sites acquire the
capacity to serve as hubs for the aggregation and dissemination of local
content in addition to the current offerings of low-cost email, IT training,
and SATELLIFE s Information Services.

The Field Officer will also be responsible for promoting the HealthNet
vision generally throughout Africa. This will involve educating health
professionals about the services available to them, recruiting new users,
and stimulating interest in the establishment of new HealthNet sites.

The Field Officer will also be responsible for establishing and maintaining
the SATELLIFE Field Office. This will include registering the office with
local officials, procuring office equipment, establishing and maintaining
the office s finances, etc.

The site of the Field Office is yet to be determined, but it may be
co-located with an existing HealthNet. The Field Officer will report
directly to the Director of Programs at SATELLIFE s office in Watertown,
Massachusetts, USA.

The Field Officer will:

·       have an undergraduate degree, and preferably a graduate degree, in
medicine, public health, information technology, business, informatics, or
health library sciences and 3-5 years relevant experience.
·       be comfortable using email, the World Wide Web, CD-ROM and other
basic computer applications, including office management software packages.
·       be able to train or hire competent trainers in the use of email, the
World Wide Web, CD-ROM and other basic computer applications.
·       be eager to champion the HealthNet vision and to represent SATELLIFE
locally, regionally, and internationally.
·       be familiar with the editorial and quality control issues involved
with selecting and disseminating locally generated information.
·       have an understanding of the major public health trends in Africa.
·       have sufficient familiarity with business planning, marketing,
accounting, etc. to contract consultants on behalf of SATELLIFE and the
HealthNet sites as needed.
·       be willing to travel throughout Africa and to the U.S.
·       have outstanding interpersonal and cross-cultural communication
·       be able to work well both collaboratively and independently.

To apply for this position, send a current resume, cover letter and three
references to: Rebecca Riccio, Director of Programs, SATELLIFE, 30
California Street, Watertown, MA 02472 USA. Email: rriccio@usa.healthnet.org
Fax: +(617) 926-1212. http://www.healthnet.org

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