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[e-med] Pharmacopée africaine

E-MED: Pharmacopée africaine

Suite à votre intérêt soutenu sur la médecine traditionnelle et la
pharmacopée africaine, vous trouverez ci-dessous
*les références d'un ouvrage (en anglais!) sur la médecine traditionnelle
africaine, dictionnaire d'utilisation des plantes médicinales : 5 400
plantes du sud du Sahara jusqu'au Cap y sont recensé ainsi que 16 300
applications médicales.
*une conférence en juillet 2001 organisée au Ghana sur la Médecine
traditionnelle ouverte au médecins, professeurs, paramédicaux dans le but
d'améliorer le dialogue entre ceux qui utilise la médecine moderne et ceux
qui utilisent une médecine alternative (voir ci-dessous l'appel à
Carinne Bruneton


  590 pp. 19x27  2000
Hardback - code: 092166
=>  FF    720 ------  Euro    109,76
Summary :
This unique book documents the traditional knowledge and use of African
medicinal plants to an extent not previously available. In total more than
400 plants from south of the Sahara to the Cape are listed and over 16,300
medicinal applications with plant part, details on method of preparation and
dosage. The botany and taxonomy are up to date. The plants are in the
and are arranged alphabetically by their scientific names. This dictionary
intended for scientists searching for medicinally active plants for further
research. It is also of interest to botanists, biologists and ethnologists.

Allée de la Croix Bossée       94234 CACHAN cedex France
Tél. : +33 (0)1 45 46 15 00  - Fax : +33 (0)1 47 40 67 99


Dear Friends,

Further to documents already sent to you relative to
the above conference slated for July 20-21, 2001 in
Accra, Ghana.

The July 2001 conference is open to  doctors,
professors, paramedics, nurses and students in the
practice and study of both conventional and
alternative/complementary medicine in continuation of
the process of dialogue and education which begun at
the July 2000 International Conference on Traditional
Medicine in Ghana.

In addition to the 2 days conference (agenda of which
will be circulated after May 15, 2000 - when abstracts
from foreign participants shall have been collected),
we have developed pre-conference and post-conference
tours to sites which have scientific, historical,
cultural and spiritual bearings to buttress the
educational experience to be gained from the
conference itself.

Medical institutions, doctors and nurses are
encouraged to offer voluntary services and medical
supplies to specific institutions as indicated in the
tentative itinerary appearing at the bottom of this

Practitioners, nurses and students wishing to present
papers are encouraged to submit abstracts having
direct bearing on the theme of the conference to
Africa First LLC not later than May 15, 2001. Papers
must be 5-20 pages (A4 format, double spacing, font
12) with not more than 30 minutes duration in

We are working with Dr. Ellen Tattelman of Albert
Einstein College of Medicine in New York, who herself
participated in the July 2000 conference in getting
Albert Einstein to award credits to practitioners,
nurses and students who participate in forthcoming
conferences and seminars for the purposes of
continuing education.

A team of seasoned medical professors and authors in
the teaching and practice of both conventional and
alternative medicines, including Ellen Tattelman MD,
Albert Einstien College of Medicine, New York USA,
Marc Micozzi MD, College of Physicians of Philadelphia
USA, G.A. Balint, MD, University of Szeged, Hungary,
Michael McIntyre, MA, FNIMH, FRCHM, MB.Ac.C, Chairman
of European Herbal Practitioners Association, and many
others, will speak on various topics of health and
medicine relevant to the conference theme: INTEGRATING

Please register now in order to participate in this
very important conference.

Sincerely yours,
J.William Danquah
Chief Executive Officer

Africa First, LLC
517 Asbury Street #11
St Paul, Minnesota 55104 USA
Telephone: (651) 646 4721
Telefax  : (651) 644 3235
Conference Planners & Organizers of Cross-Cultural and
Educational Tours to Benin, Ghana and Senegal, West Africa.

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