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E-DRUG: Independent Drug and Healthcare Newsletter for May 2019

Newsletter, May 2019
Independent Drug & Healthcare Newsletter from the non-profit journal
Prescrire International

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In Prescrire's Spotlight this month
Drug-induced retinal disorders
Retinal damage can cause different types of visual disturbances, of varying
severity. Many drugs can provoke retinal disorders. What are the underlying
mechanisms? Which drugs are responsible?
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In the May issue of Prescrire International: Dupilumab (Dupixent°) in
adults with atopic dermatitis
Dupilumab (Dupixent°), a monoclonal antibody, is an option for very
troublesome eczema after failure of ciclosporin. Full text available for
free download.
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Vaccine hesitancy: understand it better, to provide better support
Rather than considering people reluctant to vaccinate as irresponsible, it
is better to try to restore confidence by improving public knowledge,
identifying the barriers and seeking ways to overcome them.
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Drugs for Alzheimer's disease: reduction in the number of prescriptions is
too slow
A study conducted by the independent French medical journal Prescrire shows
a reduction of only around 26% in the number of patients in France exposed
to at least one Alzheimer's disease drug between 2012 and 2017. In
approximately 3 out of 4 newly exposed patients, treatment lasted for more
than 6 months, despite the proven harms.
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Methylphenidate (Ritalin°) as a means of controlling classroom behaviour
Too many children are overdiagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity
disorder (ADHD) simply because they are the youngest in the class and so
tend to be more easily distracted and disruptive.
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The use of "big data" in the authorisation and supervision of health
products must rely on facts, trustworthy evidence and transparency
In its response to the public consultation on big data organised by the
HMA-EMA Joint Big Data Taskforce, Prescrire considers that regulation on
the authorisation and supervision of health products cannot be based on
hope and promises but needs to rely on facts, trustworthy evidence and
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Ruxolitinib in myelofibrosis * Methylphenidate during pregnancy:
teratogenic and fetotoxic, with concerns about long-term effects * Ginkgo
biloba: seizures * Oral anticoagulants in atrial fibrillation * Talking to
patients about risks: strategies for better communication...
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