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[e-lek] Join MSF & Stop TB Partnership asking countries to #StepUpforTB

Присоединитесь, дорогие коллеги! 
Поддержите эту жизненно-важную кампанию по борьбе с туберкулезом!
[ВАш модератор ЛЕ]
E-DRUG:  Join MSF & Stop TB Partnership asking countries to #StepUpforTB

Please join MSF and Stop TB Partnership in this call to action to
#StepUpforTB by signing and sharing this petition by Tuesday November 14th:

More details:

Tuberculosis is the world's deadliest infectious disease even though it is
preventable, treatable and curable. Now, in just a few days, for the first
time ever, world health leaders are gathering in Moscow for a summit on
tuberculosis. Through this effort we want to show solidarity between
activist audiences and people affected by TB, and combine forces to put
pressure on governments to take action. Help us tell these government
officials that the time is now to #StepUpforTB and provide the life-saving
treatment to people need!

We're trying to direct people to

to get as many people as possible to show their support for this call by
signing the petition before we hand it over at the WHO TB Ministerial
meeting in Moscow.  Through the petition, we hope to leverage international
attention into pressure on Ministers of Health from the 29 countries
surveyed in the Out of Step report  to improve their TB programs in line
with WHO guidelines -- and save the lives of people with TB.

How can you help? Sign and share the petition
And feel free to post the following graphics and captions to your social
media accounts to help spread the word:

[01 StepUp with Carene MSF124468.png]
Step up with people living with #TB--sign our petition to world health
leaders before Moscow summit: stepupfortb.org  #StepUpforTB

Jennifer Reid
Advocacy and Research Officer, MSF Access Campaign
Doctors Without Borders/M?decins Sans Fronti?res (MSF)
Jennifer Reid <Jennifer.Reid@newyork.msf.org>
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