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[e-lek] Prescrire Drug & Healthcare Newsletter N° 186 October 2017

E-DRUG: Prescrire Drug & Healthcare Newsletter N° 186 October 2017

Independent Drug & Healthcare Newsletter from the non-profit journal
N° 186 October 2017

In Prescrire's Spotlight this month

The 2017 "Prescrire Prize" is awarded in Paris to 4 noteworthy books about
health and healthcare

The recipients of the 2017 "Prescrire Prize" book awards were announced on
5 October 2017. The prize is awarded to works of particular interest to the
general public and/or healthcare professionals.

Martin M "D?pakine, le scandale. Je ne pouvais pas me taire" Robert
Laffont, Paris 2017: (valproic acid and unborn children)

Rambaud C and Thierry J-P "Trop soigner rend malade" Albin Michel, Paris
(too much healthcare can make you sick)
Private patients and public health.
Changing intellectual property rules for access to medicines

Private Patents and Public Health't Hoen E. Health Action International and
AMB Publishers, Diemen (The Netherlands) 2016:

Fournier V "La mort est-elle un droit ?"  La documentation fran?aise, Paris
(is there a right to die?)

> Read more: http://english.prescrire.org/en/81/168/53171/0/NewsDetails.aspx

Naloxegol (Moventig°) and opioid-induced constipation. Its abdominal
adverse effects are probably as troublesome as constipation
FEATURED REVIEW - Naloxegol tablets have been authorised in the European
Union for adults with troublesome opioid-induced constipation despite
laxative therapy. Does naloxegol relieve discomfort in these patients? What
are its adverse effects? Does naloxegol reduce the analgesic effect of
opioid therapy?
Free summary available here: full review (3 pages) available for download
by subscribers.
> Read more: http://english.prescrire.org/en/81/168/53233/0/NewsDetails.aspx

In the October issue of Prescrire International - Metformin in patients
with moderate renal impairment: reduce the dose
FREE DOWNLOAD - This month's sample page is taken from the Adverse Effects
section. Metformin is the first-choice oral glucose-lowering drug in type 2
diabetes, but it can provoke lactic acidosis, a rare but sometimes fatal
adverse effect. What does this mean for patients with moderate renal
Full text available for free download.
> Read more: http://english.prescrire.org/en/81/168/53234/0/NewsDetails.aspx

Conflicts of interest in the health sector: hospitals can and must act
It is time for hospitals as well as universities to act to prevent
conflicts of interest and to ensure the independence necessary for the best
> Read more: http://english.prescrire.org/en/81/168/53237/0/NewsDetails.aspx

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): avoid guanfacine
In children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),
guanfacine has no proven efficacy in improving family and social
relationships. On the other hand, it has frequent, sometimes severe,
adverse effects. In practice, it is best to avoid guanfacine.
> Read more: http://english.prescrire.org/en/81/168/53235/0/NewsDetails.aspx

L?vothyrox° (levothyroxine): a change in formulation results in thousands
of reports of adverse effects
In France, the lactose in L?vothyrox° (levothyroxine) tablets was replaced
by mannitol and citric acid was added as a preservative. According to
France's national medicines agency (ANSM), two pharmacokinetics studies
demonstrated that the old and the new tablets were bioequivalent. A
pharmacovigilance investigation is underway to look into thousands of
reports from patients signalling various disorders following the change in
formulation. On 15 September 2017, the Agency made various documents
available online.
> Read more: http://english.prescrire.org/en/81/168/53244/0/NewsDetails.aspx

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