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[e-drug] Medicines We Can Trust Campaign: April Newsletter & Coalition Invitation

E-DRUG: Medicines We Can Trust Campaign: April Newsletter & Coalition Invitation

Dear e-druggers,

I am happy to share the latest newsletter from the Medicines We Can Trust 
(MWCT) campaign, a global coalition that aims to raise awareness and inspire 
collective action around the importance of medicine quality and the impact 
poor-quality medicines have on people's lives.

Read the April newsletter here:

The Case for Prioritizing Medicines Quality:
Everyone should have access to medicines they can trust -- as a right, not a 
privilege. However, the WHO estimate that 1 in 10 medicines in low- and 
middle-income countries are substandard or falsified (SF). Poor quality 
medicines jeopardize people's lives and well-being, reverse progress on today's 
most pressing health issues and waste precious resources. At best, poor quality 
medicines simply fail to work, promising to help a patient while delivering 
nothing; at worst, they can further sicken or kill. Urgent action is needed now 
more than ever as the COVID-19 pandemic further threatens the quality and 
supply of the world's medical products and the health of communities that 
depend on them.

Factsheet on impacts and solutions:

About Medicines We Can Trust:
Launched in 2018, the MWCT campaign offers a shared platform for civil society 
organizations, philanthropic foundations, government entities, researchers and 
private partners to come together in support of prioritizing medicines quality 
to drive progress across a range of global health issues. From securing 
mentions of medicines quality within key publications (e.g., Political 
Declaration of UN High-Level Meeting on UHC) to amplifying resources and human 
stories, MWCT campaign members have helped to elevate the importance of 
ensuring access to safe, effective medicines that everyone needs and deserves. 
However, greater collaboration and investment is needed to drive policy change 
for sustainable progress.

Learn more & sign up here to join this diverse global network of medicines 
quality advocates:

Please reach out if you have any questions or would like more information.

Very best wishes,

Amy Meng
MWCT Campaign Team
Amy Meng <ameng@globalhealthstrategies.com>

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