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[e-drug] GPHF expands Minilab test method portfolio to include dexamethasone

E-DRUG: GPHF expands Minilab test method portfolio to include dexamethasone

The GPHF has reacted swiftly to the challenges posed by the COVID-19
pandemic and has developed dexamethasone test methods for its Minilab
project work. The new methods can be used to test both dexamethasone
tablets and injectable solutions. Dexamethasone has been known for decades
and has recently been repurposed for the treatment of COVID-19 intensive
care patients. Since then, dexamethasone preparations are considered a
scarce and precious commodity in many places. 

The dexamethasone test methods have been jointly published with USAID's 
Promoting the Quality Medicines Plus (PQM+) program implemented by the US 
Pharmacopoeia (USP).

Full copies of the new dexamethasone test methods are available for free
download in English, French and Spanish at

The Global Pharma Health Fund (GPHF) is a non-profit organization
voluntarily supported by Merck KGaA (Germany). For more than 20 years, the
GPHF has been working to protect vulnerable populations and medical supply
chains in low-income countries from the infiltration of substandard and
falsified medicines. To this end, the GPHF works with partners to support
health authorities, drug regulatory surveillance units, hospitals,
pharmacies and other drug supply organizations in detecting counterfeit

The GPHF-Minilab is a versatile and self-contained mini-laboratory to
identify easily, poor and fake medicines in an affordable manner. The
Minilab is particularly suitable for areas of the world where
counterfeiting is widespread but where sophisticated instrumental analysis
for their detection is not readily available.

Richard Jaehhnke, PhD
Global Pharma Health Fund
Frankfurt, Germany
Richard Jaehnke <richard.jaehnke@gphf.org>
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