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[e-drug] Access Observatory 2018 Report (2)

E-DRUG: Access Observatory 2018 Report (2)

For context for readers, note that the Access Observatory is
funded by the IFPMA's Accelerated Access initiative, which is the
International version of PhRMA.

In addition to the BU group, Accelerated Access also  nonages some Gates
Foundation funded groups, and the ​World Bank.

The agreement between BU and the IFPMA is here:


The Access Accelerated initiative is seen as a reboot of the  similarly
named Accelerated Access Initiative that the drug companies, Gates and the
WHO once embraced to block compulsory licensing efforts for AIDS drugs in

Access Accelerated is the main PR initiative that drug companies are
currently using to deflect discussion of high drug prices in the UN
negotiations over non-communicable diseases.  It can also usefully be
described as a PR defense against discussions about compulsory licenses,
patent reform or delinkage of R&D incentives from product prices,  all
important but controversial ways to curb deal with high prices for patented
drugs for cancer.


James Love.  Knowledge Ecology International
"James Love" <james.love@keionline.org>
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