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[e-drug] Access Observatory 2018 Report

E-DRUG: Access Observatory 2018 Report

To All E-Druggers,
I am very pleased to announce to the E-Drug Community that we have produced the 
first Access Observatory 2018 Report which summarizes early results of Access 
Accelerated activities. The report is downloadable from the web at 

If any E-Drugger needs me to send the report as a pdf attached file please send 
me an e-mail. "Laing, Richard" <richardl@bu.edu>

The report describes the first year of activities that have been undertaken to 
set up a system to report on and learn from NCD Access programs that have been 
set up by a number of pharmaceutical companies. We have done this under 
agreements that ensure we are independent and transparent in what we do.

In 2017, more than 20 global research and development based biopharmaceutical 
companies, in partnership with the World Bank and the Union of International 
Cancer Control (UICC), launched Access Accelerated, an initiative that seeks to 
reduce barriers to prevention, treatment and care for non-communicable diseases 
in low- and middle-income countries. Members of Access Accelerated have 
committed to measuring their programs and reporting to the global health 
community through the Access Observatory (accessobservatory.org ), the 
first-of-its-kind global platform for reporting on access programs. During the 
past year, 17 companies registered 62 Access Accelerated programs operating in 
103 countries in the Access Observatory. A total of 198 implementing partners 
were involved in establishing and running these programs.

In securing an independent academic partner to measure and evaluate the 
progress of Access Accelerated, company CEOs and the Access Accelerated 
Secretariat clearly communicated to the global health community that 
measurement and transparency are vital in order to share program learnings and 
for companies to be held accountable. We would appreciate your feedback on the 
report, in particular what types of information are most relevant to you. You 
can access the report online at accessobservatory.org and you may send your 
comments to info@accessobservatory.org.

The Access Observatory aims for ongoing engagement with all sectors to become a 
global reference for shared learning and accountability.
Best wishes,

Richard Laing for
BU Access Observatory Team

Richard Laing
Professor, Department of  Global Health
Boston University School of Public Health,
801 Massachusetts Avenue Boston MA 02118
"Laing, Richard" <richardl@bu.edu>

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