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[e-drug] Netherlands TV documentary: the real price of cheap medicine (3)

E-DRUG: Netherlands TV documentary: the real price of cheap medicine  (3)

Comment on a comment from Abhishek Dadhich

Please let me reply to the mail of Abhishek-

Your valuable reply to Jos is more than an "eye-opener": since years -at least 
in the EU and the USA- the "Lean government" ideas developed and implemented 
for millions of EUROs/USD of taxpayers money by Consulting companies like Mc 
Kinsey, BCG, etc. caused considerable, severe reductions of resources (manpower 
and finances) to fulfil governmental responsibilities/obligations in the area 
of safeguarding public health, e.g. in the quality control of medicinal 
products. We all know that there were some scandals concerning the quality of 
medicines, the ethical conduct of clinical trials, etc., sorry, but in many 
cases companies from India were involved.

The problems concerning the quality control of medicinal products is only part 
of the global quality problems, just think about the car-makers: there are 
published data when the number of product recalls of cars exceeded the number 
of sold cars in a country.

In my view the basic problem is that governments/Drug Regulatory Authorities 
try to avoid to do anything what could cost money (>Lean government) and to 
"optimize/slimline" expenses, "no matter what it takes". In addition, I suspect 
that e.g. costly quality controls are not done, because the submitted 
documentation (GMP compliance, etc.) is considered to be acceptable, i.e. with 
no flaws, possibly false claims, descriptions, etc.

In order to be serious in protecting public health it must be confirmed by the 
Authorities/Competent bodies that the procured documentation truly reflects the 
reality, preferably by strict controls.

Dr. Werner Gielsdorf Herrenweg 
17, D-89346 Bibertal, Germany
Dr. Werner Gielsdorf Herrenweg  <mail@gielsdorf.org>

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