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[e-drug] Opioid crisis in Africa?

E-DRUG: Opioid crisis in Africa?

Dear colleagues,

I am doing a quick scan of perspectives following the recent BBC piece on cough 
syrup addiction in Nigeria, and other alerts related to illicit opioid use in 
Africa (see below). I would be interested in your views on the extent of this 
challenge, available data, and policy responses.

Sample articles:

  *   How cough syrup in Nigeria is creating a generation of addicts - BBC 
News: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-43912282

  *   Sahel and beyond: UNODC sounds the alarm on the increase in trafficking 
and consumption of tramadol and its security and health implications: 

  *   [U.S., comparison] Anguished Families Shoulder The Biggest Burdens Of 
Opioid Addiction:    

Many thanks!

Lombe Kasonde
Health Specialist
Health, Nutrition and Population Global Practice
The World Bank
E lkasonde@worldbank.org
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