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[e-drug] Independent Drug and Healthcare Newsletter for April 2018

E-DRUG: Independent Drug and Healthcare Newsletter for April 2018

Independent Drug & Healthcare Newsletter from the non-profit journal  Prescrire 

Newsletter, April 2018
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In Prescrire's Spotlight this month
FEATURED REVIEW  Treating intermittent claudication: first encourage patients 
to follow a walking exercise programme
Some patients with lower limb peripheral artery disease experience pain while 
walking, due to a reduced ability to increase arterial circulation. What is the 
harm-benefit balance of treatments aimed at improving their walking capacity?
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FREE DOWNLOAD  In the April issue of Prescrire International: Towards better 
patient care - drugs to avoid in 2018
Prescrire's annual review of drugs to avoid covers all the drugs examined by 
Prescrire between 2010 and 2017 that are authorised in the European Union or in 
France. We identified 90 drugs that are more harmful than beneficial in all the 
indications for which they have been authorised.
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Hepatitis C: sofosbuvir + velpatasvir (Epclusa°) represents an advance for some 
The combination sofosbuvir + velpatasvir (Epclusa°) offers a therapeutic 
advance in the treatment of hepatitis C, especially in patients infected by a 
genotype 2 virus. But the uncertainty surrounding its adverse effects is 
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New drugs and indications in 2017: numerous innovations offering no progress
Marketing authorisations often granted too hastily: patients are exposed to 
medicines with uncertain harm-benefit balances.
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Prescrire's ratings of new products and indications over the past 10 years
Each spring, Prescrire International publishes a recap of the drugs reviewed in 
our French edition during the previous year. It includes a table summing up the 
ratings Prescrire's editors gave to the new drugs and indications reviewed 
during each of the past ten years.
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