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[e-drug] New technical publications from the PQM program

E-DRUG: New technical publications from the PQM program

Dear e-drug colleagues,

The USAID-funded Promoting the Quality of Medicines (PQM) program is pleased to 
share with you three recently published technical reports that highlight 
different facets of our work to improve access to quality-assured essential 
medicines. The reports describe interventions used by PQM to improve the 
compliance of manufacturers with good manufacturing practices and sustainably 
build the capacity of national quality control laboratories to accurately test 
the quality of medicines within their borders.

Strengthening Manufacturing Capacity to Improve Access to Quality-Assured 
Essential Medicines


PQM works to strengthen the capacity of pharmaceutical manufacturers to produce 
quality-assured medicines and collaborates with manufacturers globally to 
address critical shortages or gaps in the supply of essential medicines. This 
technical report describes the support PQM provides to manufacturers and the 
technical approach employed.

Analytical Instrumentation Support for National Quality Control Laboratories


This document outlines PQM's approach to supporting national quality control 
laboratories in managing and maintaining their analytical instrumentation and 
outlines strategies for building in-house expertise of laboratory staff, 
strengthening the capacity of national metrology institutes, and strategically 
partnering with contract service providers to share resources and calibration 
reference standards.

Strengthening National Quality Control Laboratories in Low- and Middle-Income 
Countries to Improve the Quality of Medicines


This document describes PQM's technical approach to building the managerial and 
technical capabilities of national quality control laboratories to strengthen 
local capacity to detect substandard and falsified medicines. This approach has 
guided PQM in supporting national quality control laboratories to develop 
stronger laboratory quality management systems, comprehensive laboratory 
quality assurance policies and practices, medium- and long-term instrument 
maintenance plans, and risk-based sampling and testing activities.

PQM welcomes your comments and invites you to share your experiences on these 
technical topics.

Kind regards,
Program Coordinator, Partnership Growth and Learning
Global Public Health Division
Jenn Cardno <jenn.cardno@USP.org>

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