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[e-drug] MSH Launches Pharmaceutical GPO in Kenya (6)

E-DRUG: MSH Launches Pharmaceutical GPO in Kenya (6)

if the transparency [of prices] over the years has not led to increased or
'sustained' accessibility of quality-assured medicines for a family
household in e.g. Kenya then clearly it can appear fake and paradigms
perhaps need to shift.

Like the bioavailability of a drug is zero if it not available (WB),
promoting the transparency in pricing is also futile if the product is not

Transparency is typical of interest to donors, mostly for budgeting
purposes and as a tool for advocates including consultants. Accessibility
to medicines, diagnostics and other key health products for end-users is
driven by, primarily committed business volumes, bound by strict quality
criteria in tenders and bid evaluations.

Surely there are some questions remaining, but maybe it is that MSH is 
exploring new ways in this direction.

with kind regards
Pascal Verhoeven

Pascal Verhoeven <verhoeven.pascal@gmail.com>
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