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[e-drug] MSH Launches Pharmaceutical GPO in Kenya (3)

E-DRUG: MSH Launches Pharmaceutical GPO in Kenya (3)

Dear Ms. Myhr,

We appreciate the feedback received on MSH's March 1 posting regarding its
newly launched GPO, MedSource. 

I would like to clarify that the creation of MedSource does not represent a 
shift from MSH's mission, nor from our core way of doing business. MSH is 
evolving only in that we are exploring every opportunity to increase access to 
affordable, quality medicines for the greatest number of people as part of a 
pharmaceutical systems strengthening

Our announcement concerning MedSource was just that - an announcement that we
hope will be of interest to our colleagues in the field who share our goals
and who seek to explore new, viable avenues to accomplish them in a
changing global landscape. We welcome your input as we go forward.

Timothe Chevaux

Timothe Chevaux
Communications Associate
Pharmaceuticals & Health Technologies
Management Sciences for Health
US-VA-Arlington-All United States
E-mail: tchevaux@msh.org
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