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[e-drug] Independent Drug and Healthcare Newsletter for March 2018

E-DRUG: Independent Drug and Healthcare Newsletter for March 2018

Independent Drug & Healthcare Newsletter from the non-profit journal  Prescrire 

Newsletter, March 2018
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In Prescrire's Spotlight this month
FEATURED REVIEW :  Ceftazidime + avibactam (Zavicefta°). An option in the case 
of cephalosporin resistance
A ceftazidime + avibactam combination (Zavicefta°, Pfizer) has been approved in 
the European Union for the treatment of various "complicated" infections. In 
one clinical trial, the combination was as effective as a carbapenem and had an 
acceptable adverse effect profile.
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FREE DOWNLOAD  : In the March issue of Prescrire International: the annual 
Prescrire Awards for drugs, packaging and information
The three annual Prescrire Awards are granted in total independence by the 
Prescrire Editorial Staff, based on reviews published over the past year in our 
French edition.
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Hodgkin disease: two drugs that are not beneficial to patients
In the absence of any proven increase in life expectancy, there is no 
justification for exposing patients with Hodgkin disease to the many, sometimes 
severe, adverse effects of nivolumab (Opdivo°) and brentuximab vedotin 
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Hospitalised children: errors detected by parents and family members
During a child's hospitalisation, family members often detect adverse events 
and errors which are not noticed or reported by caregivers.
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Early syphilis: screen and treat to prevent transmission
Syphilis is sometimes hard to identify, and so it is important to screen and 
treat the sexual partners of infected persons to prevent transmission.
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EMA's advice to drug companies: conflicting roles
The European Medicines Agency (EMA) offers "scientific advice" to drug 
companies to help them compile their marketing authorisation applications, 
giving rise to suspicions that the agency may be placing pharmaceutical 
companies' interests over and above patients' health.
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Prescrire's ratings system: new drugs and indications, at a glance
 ABOUT PRESCRIRE  Behind the annual Prescrire Awards, Prescrire's editors work 
year-round to assess whether or not new drugs and indications represent a 
therapeutic advance for patients. Ranging from "Bravo" to "Not Acceptable", 
Prescrire's ratings sum up the result of a unique, collective editorial process.
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