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[e-drug] MSH Launches Pharmaceutical GPO in Kenya (2)

E-DRUG: MSH Launches Pharmaceutical GPO in Kenya (2)
[It is E-drug policy that messages from private companies are not shared on the 
As MSH has 'evolved' their private promotional messages will not be shared in 
future.  BS]

MSH, an organisation that has been a staunch supporter of access to essential, 
affordable medicines. The initiative described in an email a couple of days ago 
and the additional information found on their website seems to signal a shift 
away from this. I see no mention of essential and of increasing access by the 
poor. This GPO aims at  encompassing a number of healthcare organisations in 
the private sector in a business-like model - seemingly based on US healthcare 
system. Which is no model to be promoted in other countries. It is to be based 
in Kenya with the intention of spreading out to other countries.

Yes, procurement and distribution of essential medicines has failed too often 
in Africa. I worked myself in Botswana as principal pharmacist at the Central 
Medical Stores 1985-8 and have been very disappointed with the lack of progress 
made on the African continent.  Still I struggle to believe a private, 
commercial mega-large pool procurement organisation answers the big questions 
of access to affordable essential medicines for everybody. So will it drain 
resources from the 70 % poor living on less than 1.25 USD per day and whom I 
doubt are empowered to demand advanced medical services or the middle class? 
What is by-the-way a health ecosystem?

Kirsten Myhr, E-DRUG co-moderator 
"Kirsten Myhr" <myhr@online.no>
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