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[e-drug] Malaria - Counterfeit drugs and deadly dangers

E-DRUG: Malaria - Counterfeit drugs and deadly dangers

The following message is forwarded from HIFA (www.hifa.org)

Dear All,

We share courtesy of Malaria Journal this sad news about the damage that 
counterfeit malaria drugs is causing: 

Counterfeit drugs: 'People are dying every day'

Imagine seeing your child suffering from malaria, 
one of the biggest killers of children across the 
world. Symptoms include high fever, sweating, vomiting and convulsions.

But it's OK, you think, because you bought 
medicine to combat the disease from a local drugs market.

Now imagine what it must be like to see your 
child die nonetheless because the drugs you bought were fake.

That is the brutal reality of the multi-billion dollar a year global trade in 
counterfeit drugs.

More than 120,000 people a year die in Africa as a result of fake anti-malarial 
drugs alone, says the World Health Organization, either because the 
drugs were substandard or simply contained no active ingredients at all.

Even medicines that are substandard - containing an insufficient dosage of 
active ingredients, say - can be deadly, leading to drug resistance, a 
particular issue for infectious diseases like malaria and tuberculosis.....

Joseph Ana

Joseph Ana is the Lead Consultant 
and Trainer at the Africa Centre for Clinical 
Governance Research and Patient Safety in 
Calabar, Nigeria.

Posted by 
Neil Pakenham-Walsh, UK 

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