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[e-drug] Pharmacovigilance and Corruption (2)

E-DRUG: Pharmacovigilance and Corruption  (2)

Dear Rizwan,

Please see the report 

sharing created within USAID funded project implemented by The All-Ukrainian 
Network of PLWHA. 

The report unveils key corruption and trust schemes detected as a result of 
continuous monitoring in public procurements of drugs and medical products in 
Ukraine. The report shows that market of health products procurements that 
existed before 2015 was mostly oligopolistic, controlled by several big groups, 
which unduly influenced MoH Ukraine, and almost all bidding procedures where 
happening with fake competition in collusion between shell companies. 

Results of the monitoring described in the report were later used by Network 
and its partners for future anticorruption interventions to change the 
situation, which included among others the following:

- transfer of health products procurements of the MoH Ukraine to specialized 
international procuring organizations (UNDP, UNICEF, Crown Agents) in 2015. 
This major reform has by now resulted in up to 75 % estimated budget savings 
and consequent improvement of access to treatment. The procurements are 
transferred to specialized international procuring organizations until 2019 and 
give us an opportunity to reform existing state health products procurement 
system by creation of centralized procurement organization in healthcare; 

- introduction of e-procurement system ('ProZorro'), which considerably 
increased transparency of every public procurement process in Ukraine. Now 
everyone may monitor all the stages from procurement announcement to actual 
delivery with the ability to see every document, every change in it, every 
decision and its justification, as well as agreements, mailings etc. The 
e-procurement system widens access to tenders for suppliers, as well as 
introduces a 3-stage bidding reduction procedure. Professional analytical 
module within the database enables automatic detection of suspicious tenders 
and considerably simplifies investigations by public authorities, media and 
civil society organizations.

- introduction of fast-track market authorization procedure for specialized 
international procuring organizations procurements and for medicines registered 
by stringent DRAs opens more possibilities for foreign producers to enter 
Ukrainian market.

Our anti-corruption team would be happy to share more on fighting corruption in 
healthcare in Ukraine.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,

Sergiy Kondratyuk
Advocacy Unit
All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH
87 B, Mezhygirska St., 
Kyiv, Ukraine 04080 
Tel.: +38 044 467-75-67   (int. 756)
Fax: +38 044 467-75-66
Mob.: +38 067 359 93 23 
email: s.kondratyuk@network.org.ua
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