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[e-drug] Falsified quinine in West Africa

E-DRUG: Falsified quinine in West Africa

Dear All

On the 19th of August, the WHO Essential Medicines and Health Products 
(EMP) Department released a Medical Product Alert describing falsified 
oral quinine antimalarials circulating in West Africa. When taken by 
patients with falciparum malaria they will lead to poor patient outcomes 
and potentially death.

Quinine Sulfate 300 mg with stated manufacturer 'Novadina Pharmaceutical 
Ltd' in Cameroon and Quinine Sulphate 300mg labelled as made by 'CAD 
Pharm' in  Buni (Democratic Republic of Congo) failed the initial 
screening tests and analysis  showed that  neither product contained any 
of the stated active pharmaceutical ingredient.

The full WHO rapid alert is available in English at:


and in French at:


Further information on the quality of antimalarials can be found on the 
WWARN Antimalarial Quality literature map ('AQ surveyor') that 
visualizes summaries of published reports of antimalarial medicine 
quality, displaying their geographical distribution across regions and 
over time at:


Best regards

C�line Caillet
Medicine quality module coordinator
Celine Caillet <celine.caillet@wwarn.org>
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