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[e-drug] RFP for RDU Survey for Artemisinin Combined Therapies in GMS countries

E-DRUG: RFP for RDU Survey for Artemisinin Combined Therapies in GMS countries

 WHO in its response under the Emergency Response to Artemisinin Resistance 
(ERAR) programme provides technical assistance to medicine regulatory 
authorities, manufacturers and other national/regional stakeholders to increase 
the availability and access to quality-assured essential medicines and medical 
products necessary for effective diagnosis, prevention and treatment of malaria.

In this context, WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific (WPRO) is seeking 
offers for contractors able to carry out a survey on Rational Drug Use (RDU) of 
antimalarials (AMLs) with main focus on artemisinin combined therapies (ACTs) 
and other antimalarials in 2 countries within the Greater Mekong Subregion 
(GMS): Cambodia and Lao PDR.

 1.     Purpose/Specific Objective of the Activity

The main objectives for this contract are:
a)     To carry out a cross-sectional survey in health facilities in selected 
provinces with a demonstrated high resistance to Artemisinin.
b)     To document the usage of Artemisinin Combined Therapies (ACTs) and other 
antimalarial drugs and to analyse the impact of the use on Artemisinin 
Resistance in selected districts in Cambodia and Lao PDR.
c)     To identify Malaria patients’ Health Seeking Behaviour and treatment 
d)     Based on the observations, to suggest a specific set of pragmatic 
recommendations for effective interventions from a policy and regulation 
perspective to support the containment of malaria resistance efforts.

3.     Description of activities to be carried out:
a.     To draft and plan the survey methodology in collaboration with WHO
b.     To undertake visits to the selected healthcare facilities to carry out 
the survey with patients and healthcare workers.
c.     Data entry and analysis: data should be entered, cleaned and analysed 
using any appropriate statistical software program.

4.     Methodology:
Cross sectional-survey with individual interviews to healthcare workers and 
patients through individual questionnaires on their treatment seeking 
behaviour, treatment guidelines and drug usage.

Examples of the information expected to collect and analyse:
-       Prescribing patterns for Malaria cases
-       Treatment guidelines for patients with fever but negative RDT
-       Frequency of visit to the centre whenever they experience symptoms
-       Adherence to guidelines'  treatments  (from both patients and 
-       Drug seeking behaviour: where to obtain medicines and cost of treatment 
by provider type (village vendor, private health worker, public supply)

a.     Geographical Location
Based on the GMS geography, the survey will be carried out in selected 
provinces in Lao PDR and Cambodia. 

At country level, several provinces in areas with high Artemisinin resistance 
will be selected (number of districts will depend on survey methods utilized)
b.     Population target:

The survey will be carried out in both Healthcare workers and malaria patients.
Number of individual interviews to be confirmed by statistical methods with 
meaningful statistical power.  Suppliers must submit their proper sampling 
method and reasonability.

Additionally, ethical aspects will be considered, including obtaining consent ( 
individual consent and approval from the National Health Ministry) and 
community participation approval.

c.    Sample size:
The  total number of selected interviews has to have meaningful statistical 
power. Bidders shall offer their proposed sampling size reasoning their 

5.     Expected timeline and deadline
The assignment is planned to last for 6 months since contract signature.

6.     Deliverable(s) to be submitted during and after the period of the 
assignment including manner of delivery.
Survey results report.

In order to be considered, interested contractors should submit their proposal 
including timeline and a budget. The following pre-qualification documents 
should also be submitted.

·       Company Profile- including organization chart and number of staff
·       Certificate of Company Registration
·       Certificate of Good Financial standing

Bidders should submit their proposals by email to the Supply Officer (WPRO) at  
by no later than 24 June 2016. Please use 
Tender Notice No.  46427 as subject to all submissions.

Information can be found at: 

WHO Contact Information
World Health Organization Office for the Western Pacific Region (WHO/WPRO)
Address: United Nations Ave, Ermita Manila The Philippines Tel/Fax : 632 
Eva Mata <matae@wpro.who.int>
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