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[e-drug] E-drug services restored

E-DRUG: E-drug services restored

Dear E-druggers,

You may have noticed that E-drug was offline since 27 May. This was caused
by a problem with the domain registration.

The E-drug@healthnet.org 
email address also refused to accept messages.

Services have now been restored.

Please resend any messages you sent after May 26 until now to
as the messages were not stored during the problem.

E-drug moderators would like to thank Balazs Kosaras, Director of Technology
at FHI 360, for fixing the domain problem.

We are discussing with FHI360 how to reinstate the automatic archiving of E-drug
messages -  only messages until Dec 2015 are online at

We are also seeking some solutions for members who want to shift from digest
to direct messaging, and for e-druggers to get a copy of their own submitted
message (the system now blocks sending the message to yourself).

E-druggers can send suggestions for improvement to

With kind regards, on behalf of the E-drug moderators and E-drug family

Wilbert Bannenberg

Wilbert Bannenberg, public health consultant
Founder and co-moderator of E-drug
Private email: wjb@wxs.nl
Moderator email:  

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"Wilbert Bannenberg" <wjb@wxs.nl>

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