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[e-drug] Oxfam statement on AMR at WHA 69

E-DRUG: Oxfam statement on AMR at WHA 69

Oxfam commends the countries that are leading the call to address AMR, and 
also the work of the WHO on this major threat to human health. The 
evidence of the damage that AMR can cause humanity is clear. Now is the 
time for global action.

Since AMR does not happen in a vacuum, progress will require collaboration 
and coordination among current initiatives. Of particular importance is 
the work of the UN High Level Panel, set up by the UN Secretary General to 
address the incoherence between human rights, trade and intellectual 
property policies in the context of R&D and access to medicine. 

R&D for medicines and diagnostics for AMR can be an important area in 
which to implement a human rights framework that involves adopting 
different ways of financing and pricing new health technologies. This 
includes delinking the cost of RD from the price of resulting products.

But ensuring availability of the necessary technologies to combat AMR will 
require political will at the highest level. In the interests of the 
health of all the people on the planet we urge all countries to prioritise 
the financing of R&D for health technologies. Also critical is adequate 
finance for the leadership and coordination role of WHO on RD and access 
to medicine, including the current work of the WHO CEWG.

It is time for all countries, UN agencies and other relevant stakeholders 
to support the negotiation of a global convention on R&D that ensures 
access to affordable health technologies for all.

Thank you

Best wishes 
Mohga M Kamal-Yanni

Mohga M Kamal-Yanni
Senior Health & HIV policy advisor, Oxfam GB
Editor of www.globalhealthcheck.org
"Mohga Kamal-Yanni" <mkamalyanni@Oxfam.org.uk>
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