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[e-drug] Concerns on randomization in oseltamivir trials

E-DRUG: Concerns on randomization in oseltamivir trials

Dear all

We posted a response to the review  "Oseltamivir for influenza in adults and 
systematic review of clinical study reports and summary of regulatory comments" 
in BMJ.

"Concerns about the randomization in the prophylaxis trials of oseltamivir"

While assessing the evidence on renal adverse events, in individual patient 
data in prophylaxis trials, we found imbalance of baseline renal disorders 
between the oseltamivir and placebo groups.
We (RH and MJ) independently extracted the data on baseline creatinine 
level and concomitant renal and urinary tract diseases (renal/UTD) for
five studies in total.  

Participants with high baseline creatinine level (154μmol/L or more) were
significantly less reported in the oseltamivir group than in the placebo 
group: pooled odds ratio was 0.29 (95% CI = 0.12 to 0.69, P = 0.005, I2= 0%)

For more detail, please look at: 

If you are interested, please forward these findings 
to as many people as possible. 

best regards

Rokuro Hama

HAMA, Rokuro MD   Chairperson "Kusuri-no-Check" 
NPOJIP: Non-Profit Organization "Japan Institute of Pharmacovigilance"
Deputy Editor:The Informed Prescriber
publishing ISDB-full-membership Drug Bulletin 
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