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[e-drug] Pharmaceutical Public Health short courses at University of Western Cape South Africa (2)

E-DRUG: Pharmaceutical Public Health short courses at University of Western 
Cape South Africa (2)

Hi E-Druggers,
Before the E-Drug server goes down from next monday until April 6th I wanted to 
highlight the message previously written by Nondumiso Ncube about the two 
winter school short courses offered at the University of Western Cape, South 
Africa late in June and in early July 2015 and to let you know about plans that 
are being developed to expand these courses to be distance learning continuing 
education courses.

These two courses, one on Rational Medicine Use and the other on Supply Chain 
Management were offered in 2014 and went very well based on the participant 
evaluations. I would encourage participants to send in their recollections 
before the server goes down or after it comes back up in April.

I spent February at the University of Western Cape enjoying the beautiful warm 
weather while Boston froze! I had a great time working with excellent 
colleagues from both the Schools of Pharmacy and Public Health at UWC and with 
a number of staff members from Management Sciences for Health who will be 
teaching on these short courses. 

The main purpose of all of this hard work was to develop distance learning 
modules that would build on these short courses for their MPH students so that 
there could be a Pharmaceuticals track within their MPH programme. They already 
have tracks related to Monitoring and Evaluation, Human Resources, Health 
Promotion etc. I learned a great deal from my co teachers developing these 
materials and was struck by how much experience has been generated that has not 
been shared.

So if you can get away to attend both or one of these short courses and can get 
sponsorship or can afford the fees may I encourage anyone interested either in 
Rational Medicine Use or Supply Chain Management to apply for these courses.

The dates of the courses are:

-Rational Medicines Use Course: 29 June to 3 July 2015

-Medicines Supply Management Course: 6 to 10 July 2015

For more information about these courses please have a look at the Winter 
School Brochure and Leaflet at  

The application form is at

and the brochure is at

You could also contact Dr Hazel Bradley hbradley@uwc.ac.za Tel: 021 959 2630) 
Mrs Nondumiso Ncube nncube@uwc.ac.za Tel: 021 959 9390.

Best wishes

Richard Laing
Professor International Health
Boston University School of Public Health,
801 Massachusetts Avenue Boston MA 02118
Tel 617 414 1445 (Office) 617 435 7860 (Mobile)
E mail richardl@bu.edu
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