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[e-drug] e-Procurement Sudan (2)

E-DRUG: e-Procurement Sudan (2)


On behalf of my self and my colleagues I should place on records our great
appreciation and special praise for Dr Gamal Khalafalla M. Ali ,Director
General of the Central Medical Supplies Public Corporation ( CMS ) of the
Federal Ministry of Health , Sudan, and his team  particularly Dr Nawal El
Tahir, for the substantial efforts they willingly made to upgrade and
promote the quality of management and administration of the CMS.The
preparation and execution of the 15th of March E-Tender stands to be a
landmark achievement.

The present quality management of the CMS will undoubtedly have a major
role in the promotion and betterment of pharmaceutical services towards the
achievement of the targeted availability, accessibility and affordability
of the essential medicines in Sudan.

Thanks to all of you in Sudan Central Medical Supplies Public Corporation
and keep on the good work.

Yours sincerely.

Hassan Mohamed Ali , Prof. of Pharmacology [B.Pharm,( U of K) MSc,
PhD, Univ of London]  
Dean Graduate Studies & Research, National University -  Sudan
Deputy Director General (DDG) & Scientific Advisor to the DD (AdVSci),
International Biographic Centre , IBC, Cambridge, UK.
PO Box: 3783, Khartoum 11111, SUDAN
Email: jylane1845@gmail.com
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