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[e-drug] New Publications on Performance-Based Financing

E-DRUG: New Publications on Performance-Based Financing

Performance-based financing (PBF) can be defined as cash or
non-monetary benefits given for measurable actions or achievement of a
defined performance target. The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT has published
the following two publications on PBF based on the project's work:

Predictions 2035: The Role of Performance-Based Financing in Future
Supply Chains in Developing Countries. This paper summarizes the
context for global health in 2035 as predicted by the recent Lancet
Commissions report, - Global health 2035: a world converging within a
generation - and explores the project's own forecasts for the future of
public health supply chains while identifying implications for
performance-based financing schemes.

Use of Incentives in Health Supply Chains. A Review of Results-Based
Financing in Mozambique's Central Medical Store. A review of progress
made by a results-based financing program in Mozambique intended to
strengthen the supply chain, specifically the performance of the
Central Medical Store.

Learn more at http://bit.ly/1E0tYqV

Anne Marie Hvid, PMP
Knowledge Management Advisor
Anne Marie Hvid <anne_marie_hvid@jsi.com>
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