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[e-drug] Newest ketamine fact sheet with 80 endorsements

E-DRUG: Newest ketamine fact sheet with 80 endorsements
Dear all,
   This  is  to  inform  you that the latest version of the Fact Sheet on
   ketamine scheduling is available.  Finally we reached the number of 80
   endorsements.   All  three  language  versions  with  logos/names  are
   available for downloading at

Make  sure  that  this  newest  version is uploaded on your
   websites and that it is used in your advocacy efforts!

   Please note that due to a misunderstanding, the filing of endorsements
   continued   after   the  deadline  of  26  February.  I  included  the
   considerable  number of endorsements which I received during the last
   few  days.  However,  I  will  not  be  able  to  include  any further
   endorsements.  Therefore,  please  do  not  request any others to send
   endorsements to me.

   As  mentioned  before, it seems that placing ketamine in Schedule I is
   not  an  option  anymore,  and  therefore it is likely that China will
   propose a compromise to put ketamine in Schedule III (or maybe IV). 

   It is  up  to  us  to  convince  the  other  countries  that also this is
   unacceptable.  Also  these two lighter schedules will be a barrier for
   access  to  ketamine.  

   We  are  making  progress,  because a number of
   countries announced to vote against any scheduling or abstain. This is
   what  we  need from the countries being a CND Member and therefore, we
   are  going  in  the right direction. However, we are not there yet. We
   need  more votes against and with your help, it is possible to prevent
   that  the  scheduling  proposal  will  have  the  required  two-thirds

   This  means for us that, in order to be successful, we need
   18  countries voting against, abstaining (or being absent). Therefore,
   we  need to go on and mobilize as many country delegations as possible
   against  the scheduling of ketamine. Please act quickly: time is short
   and delegations will depart to Vienna already this weekend.

   Possible  actions  that  can be considered to be effective is making a
   phone call, having an appointment in person or writing a formal letter
   (sent  by  e-mail)  to  the Ministry of Health and/or the drug control
   authority  in  your  country. Just an e-mail of a few lines may not be

   At the moment our priorities are the following countries:

   �         In Europe: Croatia, Poland, Spain;

   �         In Asia: India, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea;

   �       In Africa: Angola, Benin, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the
   Congo, Namibia, Nigeria, Togo, United Republic of Tanzania;

   �      In North-America: Canada, United States;

   �       In  Latin-America: Bolivia (Plurinational State of), Colombia,
   Cuba,  Guatemala,  St.  Vincent  and the Grenadines, Suriname, Uruguay
   (the underlined being the most urgent);

   �      In the Pacific: Australia.

   On many countries we do not have any information where they stand now,
   so  you  may  want to verify this for your own country, if it is a CND
   Member.  (

   And  please  let  me know at     wk.scholten@xs4all.nl 
   if you have any new information.)

   Because we have now additional information and arguments, I drafted an
   Extended  Fact  Sheet.  It  is important to include the arguments from
   this  Extended  Fact Sheet in your advocacy, because they address many
   counter-arguments brought up by the drug controllers.

   Best regards,

   Willem Scholten

   Willem Scholten  PharmD   MPA
   Consultant - Medicines and Controlled Substances
   Wielsekade 64
   3411 AD  Lopik, the Netherlands
   T:  +31 348 769 029
   M: +31 6 4847 3368
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