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[e-drug] Ketamine battle rages (4)

E-DRUG: Ketamine battle rages (4)

There is another angle to this story that hasn't emerged in these comments.

Over the last 4 years or so there has been a growing body of evidence that
ketamine has potent antidepressant effects - much more so than SSRIs.  It
can produce complete remission in patients with melancholia or psychotic

Many pharmaceutical companies are working hard to develop related compounds
ostensibly to deliver the same benefits without the supposed problems
linked to ketamine.  The more pressing commercial goal is to have a high
cost compound and ideally have one that has no competition from a much
cheaper and possibly more effective alternative.

Apologies for references to in house research but for more see the attached



David Healy

David Healy
Professor of Psychiatry
Hergest Unit
Bangor Wales LL57 2PW
United Kingdom
David Healy <david.healy54@googlemail.com>
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