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[e-drug] Ketamine battle rages (3)

E-DRUG: Ketamine battle rages (3)

E druggers should know that despite the sympathetic article in the Guardian the 
battle for votes is very fierce. Only a few countries are eligible to vote and 
there is a lot of pressure on them . Many are small countries. There are many E 
druggers who live in these countries who may not know that their countries 
representatives may make a bad vote because they trust the INCB secretariat 
even though they have ignored WHO's advice.

For the list of counties eligible to vote [document called Members of 
International Commission on Narcotic Drugs] and other details of the issues 
please go to 

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sg29d5lltqe5g9d/AAAqGRCiPfNtF9iE15UtZAWxa?dl=0 . 

This site has documents in French and Spanish as well.
You may think that you can't do anything but US lobbyists say that if a US 
senator gets more than ten messages on a topic they take action and I have seen 
this happen. So please send a message to your Minister of Health or PS or chief 

It will be interesting to see if widespread support from people in Low and 
Middle Income countries can make a difference.

Richard Laing

Boston University School of Public Health
Tel 617 435 7860 (m)
And Extraordinary Professor
University of Western Cape
South Africa
"Laing, Richard" <richardl@bu.edu>
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