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[e-drug] Sparring Begins Over a European Policy for Disclosing Clinical Trial Data

E-DRUG: Sparring Begins Over a European Policy for Disclosing Clinical Trial 


Article by Ed Silverman  - Copied from: The Wall Street Journal

Once again, there is a clash in Europe over disclosing clinical trial data. The 
latest flare up is over proposed rules

for managing a European Union database of clinical study information, which 
will be overseen by the European Medicines Agency.

The database will not launch until next year, but already there is substantial 
disagreement about the extent to which commercial information should remain 
confidential, according to comments submitted to the EMA by pharmaceutical 
industry trade groups, consumer advocates and one government panel.

Data disclosure is a contentious topic following scandals over safety or 
effectiveness data that was not publicly shared. Drug makers argue that 
disclosing certain data may compromise trade secrets or patient privacy. 
Consumer groups counter that such information is kept out of reach at the 
expense of patients.

The differing views over the EU database are so pointed that dueling press 
releases are being issued in hopes of swaying opinion. One missive was released 
by the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care, which makes 
recommendations about drug effectiveness to German regulators.

In a brief statement, the organization, also known as IQWIG, takes the EMA to 
task for reinterpreting the proposed EU regulations and, specifically, for 
crafting a "very broad" definition of confidential commercial information.

Due to the way the EMA defined the term "the decision on which data remain 
confidential is, thus, more or less left up to the study sponsors," says Beate 
Wiesler, who heads the IQWIG assessment department, in a statement


"This contradicts the spirit of the EU regulation and the aim of achieving 
transparency in clinical research."

As far as IQWIG is concerned, clinical study methods and results should not be 
considered commercially confidential. The "interests of specific groups must be 
subordinate to the public interest in the swift and complete publication of 
study data and documents," IQWIG said.

Separately, the BEUC, or European Bureau of Consumer Unions, which is a 
coalition, released a statement


along with comments filed to the EMA that argue "transparency should be the 
default option. It is up to the sponsors [of a clinical trial] to prove that 
the disclosure of certain information could damage their economic interests."

Meanwhile, the U.K. Bioindustry Association, along with EuropaBio and the 
European Association for Bioindustries, released a statement to argue that 
there should be "a deferral" for disclosing information and summary results 
from Phase I trial, "noting the commercial sensitivity" of the information. 
The trade groups also want the rules aligned with existing EMA policies toward 

"The BIA has supported the need for a balanced approach to be taken that 
respects both the rights of patients and the public to be able to access 
information held on the EU database... as well as the needs of developers and 
researchers to protect their investments and cutting-edge R&D of new innovative 
medicines," says Christiane Abouzied, who heads BIA regulatory affairs, in a 


EMA policy, however, has been greeted with skepticism lately. The European 
Ombudsman has 
 whether the EMA watered down its newly adopted disclosure policy after 
reaching a settlement with AbbVie that went to court to halt the release of 
trial data. In reaching agreement, the EMA redacted some AbbVie data, but the 
agency recently maintained some redactions were justified to respect 
confidential information.

As for the recent comments, the EMA notes these will be reviewed as the agency 
works toward developing a final version of the database rules. "The outcome 
will need to balance the public interest and value of immediate transparency 
with the need to ensure Europe re-establishes itself as the leading location 
for innovation and research on medicines, which is itself in the public 
interest," an EMA spokeswoman writes us.

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misinterpreting exception provisions -
Joint press release by The Association Internationale de la Mutualité (AIM), 
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(ISDB) and Medicines in Europe Forum (MiEF) -

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