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[e-drug] Seeking support with TOR for a study Tracking the Flow of Medicines (3)

E-DRUG: Seeking support with TOR for a study Tracking the Flow of Medicines (3)

May I suggest you require the use of methods described in the WHO/INRUD manual 
How to investigate Drug Use in Health Facilities available at 
that is available in English French and Spanish. 
This would cover the dispensing aspects. 

For household surveys I suggest you use the manual available at 
which has a household survey section. 

There are also many examples of such household surveys. 
I always suggest that people start with the Jordan survey.
For  an assessment of direct and indirect costs and mark-ups on drugs in the 
public sector you must use the WHO/HAI manual on Measuring medicine prices, 
availability, affordability and price components 2nd edition 
available at 
http://www.haiweb.org/medicineprices/manual/documents.html . 
Chapter 9 on Measuring Price Components is available at 

Hope this helps,

Richard Laing
Professor International Health
Boston University School of Public Health,
801 Massachusetts Avenue Boston MA 02118
Tel 617 414 1445 (Office) 617 435 7860 (Mobile)
E mail richardl@bu.edu
"Laing, Richard" <richardl@bu.edu>
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