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[e-drug] Reproductive Health Commodities Information

E-DRUG: Reproductive Health Commodities Information

RHMI⁺: A web-based portal containing market and product information on 
reproductive health commodities.

Product expertise and market knowledge are essential for decision-making on 
product selection, procurement, and distribution at the country level. RHMi+ 
portal, developed as part of a project related to Sexual and Reproductive 
Health, aims to provide product information to inform selection and 
introduction of RH commodities into national health systems and to assist 
national RH programs in the procurement and supply chain management.

In 2013 I+solutions developed a brochure consisting of product fact sheets on a 
selected range of RH products and related quality brands. This information, 
should however be dynamic and kept accurate with the most up-to-date 
information regarding each product. For this reason, I+solutions decided to 
upgrade and translate this into a web-based portal which can serve as a 
reliable reference source for market information on RH quality brands.

Description of the portal
RHMi+ is a website containing market and product-related information on a range 
of reproductive health (RH) commodities by offering:
-Latest list of WHO prequalified RH products
-Manufacturers of WHO prequalified RH products
-International price references of RH products
-International guidelines and updated news related to RH product market 

The primary target audience are program officers of national RH programs, 
procurement officers in ministries of health, essential medicines committee or 
any person or organization involved in making decisions about RH commodities or 
The secondary target groups are global, regional or local stakeholders involved 
in RH or manufacturers interested in market intelligence of RH commodities.

For more information, please visit: http://rhmarketintelligence.org/

Guillermo L�pez Rozada
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