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[e-drug] Ebola and Essential Medicine issues (4)

E_DRUG: Ebola and Essential Medicine issues (4)

Thanks Beverley for a valid comment/question. 
Just prior to finalising my last post, I did a very quick internet check on 
what guidance, if any, existed on this subject. I then came across the list I 

However, since then, I have followed up with our Ministry of Health and 
Sanitation and was given a small pocket book which I was informed is an 
'adaptation'  of a WHO guideline document which I have now identified with the 
following title:

"Clinical Management of Patients with Viral Haemorrhagic Fever:
A Pocket Guide for the Front-line Health Worker, 
13 April 2014 - Interim emergency guidance - generic draft for West African

Re the above document - Dear Colleagues, I think it is really very important 
that vulnerable African countries take a serious look at this document as part 
of overall preparedness for the future.

Although I am now retired and have not been involved in frontline work, I know 
that Ebola is a REAL and DRAMATIC disease and when it strikes it gives very 
little time for searching or fidddling about.

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